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Jason A Murdock

Writer and Editor | Off The Record Magazine (Northern Ireland)

Jason is a writer and journalist from Northern Ireland. Editor of Off the Record Online - a website dedicated to political comment, investigations and media coverage.

Indyref: The 'Yes' Vote May Win, But It Won't Be Because of 'Proper' Politics

Whatever you think about Alex Salmond - be it proprietor of independence or destroyer of the glorious union - he is right about one thing: the Scottish Independence referendum is a 'once in a generation' opportunity. It is the battle of disparity, the war of disillusionment, the fist-fight of hope vs. cold hard political reality.
17/09/2014 11:17 BST

Northern Ireland, the Justice and Security Act and the Death of Transparency

On the 25th of April 2013, the Justice and Security Act 2013 gained Royal Assent. The law - which provides 'oversight' for security services, the introduction of 'closed material procedure' in relation to civil proceedings and the prevention of the disclosure of self defined 'sensitive information'...
02/04/2014 15:13 BST

Northern Ireland City Mayor Refuses to Open Nelson Mandela Book of Condolence

The Mayor of Lisburn, the third largest city in Northern Ireland, Margaret Tolerton has refused to open a book of condolence after the recent passing of Nelson Mandela meaning that unlike those in Belfast City Council and Derry City Council, the people of Lisburn City will be unable to formally pay their respects to this much respected man.
16/12/2013 11:52 GMT

A 21st Century Dilemma: Print Vs Pixel

If you believe the hype, the Internet is pure unadulterated evil. It is single handedly assassinating every major industry, every business and everything enjoyable in the world. This cold blooded creature sneaks up and attacks when the backs are turned...
15/08/2013 14:49 BST

The Only Way Is Up for Rory McIlroy

There is no doubt that Rory McIlroy has cut a rather depressing figure of late. It may be cliché to write about the world number three, only writing about Tiger Woods would be more frowned upon. Whether you agree he deserves his current world ranking or not, there is a distinct sense that all is not well in the McIlroy camp.
26/07/2013 11:08 BST

The Twelfth of July: Northern Ireland's Cultural Coma

The police are covered from head to toe in jet black riot gear, the ground is covered in broken glass and the remnants of an entire twenty four hours of consumption litter the surrounding area. The streets themselves are masked with propaganda and crude sectarian graffiti.
15/07/2013 12:42 BST

Can NI21 Change The Face of Northern Irish Politics?

For a majority, the so-called political 'silent majority' can be a pretty lonely place sometimes. For anyone with any knowledge of Northern Irish life, it goes without saying that this time of year can be a dire state of affairs...
04/07/2013 11:08 BST

Social Media is Destroying our Ability to be Social

The world has changed, didn't you get the memo? We have become digitised, and we live in a world now defined by IP address statistics and pictures of what you had for breakfast. Social media in its current form has changed the way we live our lives, and perhaps we are so far down the rabbit hole it is too late to turn back.
04/06/2013 11:36 BST

The Rise of Atheism Represents Significant Progress for Northern Ireland

Like any country with a reputation for extremism, it's history will always be judged on the actions of extremists. The usual saying that history is judged by the victors does not yet apply to Northern Ireland, as it sometimes seems that the state of conflict has never really ended in the minds of much of its population.
30/05/2013 17:38 BST