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Jemimah Steinfeld

Freelance writer

Jemimah is a self-confessed Sinophile, feminist and history junky who has lived in Beijing and Shanghai and is now in London. On top of reporting news, Jemimah can be found writing for various international publications on social, historical and cultural issues.

Sexual Education Is Missing A Trick - Pleasure

We can't rely on the occasional plucky teacher to take this initiative. Nor can we assume that everyone wants to chat about these intimate issues with their teacher. But what we can assume is that there's an appetite to learn much more about sex and that far from being bad, a pleasure-based approach is actually very good.
23/12/2016 12:58 GMT

Regional Chinese Cuisine: Coming To A Kitchen Near You

Want food from Xinjiang, the far-western province of China, head to Silk Road in Camberwell. Fan of Sichuanese? Take your pick from a variety of restaurants across town. Delicate tastes of Shanghai can be savoured at Bright Courtyard; traditional Beijing duck in Kensington.
07/11/2016 12:30 GMT

What Does 21st Century Masculinity Look Like?

Perry's show will explore and challenge the notion of man as protector and breadwinner. Bear Grylls this is not. In fact, Perry recently called Grylls' style of masculinity "useless", a "hangover" from a more violent age.
27/04/2016 16:05 BST

North Korea: A Reader's Guide

Where do you go then if you want to understand the DPRK and its 25 million citizens? The answer is literature. The catalogue of North Korea-centred writing is burgeoning right now and many books in the catalogue are very good. With this in mind, here's a selection of six of the best.
11/01/2016 16:33 GMT

Is This China's Bravest Writer?

Murong Xuecun, nom de plume of Chinese writer Hao Qun, isn't afraid of controversy. Following the arrest of several friends who were commemorating 25 years since the Tiananmen Square crackdown, at which his own speech was read aloud, he wrote an op-ed in the New York Times asking to be arrested when he returned to China.
20/10/2015 14:22 BST

UK Literature Needs to Get Its Swag Back By Appreciating Diversity

The Writing the Future report puts a figure on this lack of cultural diversity, estimating that ethnic representation within the publishing industry is just eight percent. Another key statistic highlighted in the report regards UK literary festivals; at Edinburgh, Cheltenham and Hay festivals, a measly four percent of the programme was made up of UK Black and Asian writers.
01/05/2015 11:27 BST

No, Chinese Women Don't All Want British Men

Enter the British men of the London Underground. With their sharpened suits and iPhones in hand, they look every bit like a Chinese girl's dream. Part of this attraction is their evocation of wealth and fashion. Then add in the Brit factor.
09/03/2015 13:05 GMT

Northern Ireland Quietly Opens Heart to Mixed Relationships

"This is off the record right? Before this conversation goes any further I need to know my name isn't going to appear anywhere." Thus speaks a Catholic woman from Northern Ireland upon being asked questions about her 35-year marriage to a Protestant.
16/05/2014 10:51 BST

Women's Personal Lives Are Just That - Personal

Men can (largely) make the personal decision about when is the best time to get into a relationship and to have children free from a media frenzy. It's about time we granted the same right to women.
18/07/2013 15:03 BST

In UK, Chinese Whispers Need to Become Shouts

With the recent staging of Yellow Face at London's Park Theatre this summer, a spotlight was cast on the Chinese community in the UK. Yet beyond that - and indeed beyond the numerous Chinese restaurants filling every town - the Chinese community remains largely hidden from our public conversation.
19/06/2013 11:12 BST

Stop Criticising 'Girls'; Start Criticising Yourself

<em>Girls</em> features an exclusively white cast both in terms of its main characters and its peripheral ones, and this has been a source of much condemnation. But instead of criticising <em>Girls</em> and Lena Dunham, its writer, we should really criticise ourselves.
23/10/2012 09:54 BST