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Jeni Harvey

Writer, feminist and mother

Writer, feminist, mother. Likes cake, hates Jeremy Clarkson. These are my principles - if you don't like them, I have others. Blogs at:

The Right To Choose Must Not Be Put Up For Barter

Could it be possible that in a desperate attempt to cling to power Theresa May would be prepared to put the most basic women's rights up for debate? There will be many that argue a modest time reduction is reasonable; that in line with scientific advances it is a debate worth having, but make no mistake: if such a vote is used to cement together this unholy alliance, then the freedom of women will have been reduced to nothing but a bartering chip.
13/06/2017 17:05 BST

In 2017 Who Is There For Women to Vote For?

I was born female. I am no more non-male than I am sub-human. Women before me fought and died for my right to vote in this coming election. The least I can do is try to vote in my own interests.
30/05/2017 12:02 BST

Five Reasons Why It's Better for Women to Be Single

As a heterosexual woman of thirty eight years old, I have lived without a male partner for five full years now and I can honestly say with no reservations whatsoever, that my quality of life has improved as a result. Some reasons for which I give here, in a list, because everyone likes a list.
03/03/2014 11:19 GMT

Internet Feminism, Call Out Culture, and White Women's Tears

Let's support that change without turning it into either a noisy, vindictive, self seeking and other woman bashing performance, or by engaging in unnecessary, overly indulgent self flagellation. Let's support that change whilst supporting each other, so that we can all come together and finally, finally, smash the patriarchy to smithereens.
24/02/2014 12:08 GMT

David Cameron's Moral Mission

I found myself reading David Cameron's rebuttal with increasing disbelief. His language full of perceived, principled righteousness, he talked of being on a "moral mission," of "doing what was right," and of "giving new hope" to those currently struggling below the breadline.
19/02/2014 18:28 GMT