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Jenny Shaw

Head of Student Services and Insight

Jenny Shaw has worked at three different English universities in widening participation and business engagement. She is currently Head of Student Services and Insight for Unite Students, and Chair of the Unite Foundation. All her posts here represent her personal views.

Students Matter

Students find the money for university from a number of different sources. The 'bank of Mum and Dad' is still the most popular way of financing higher education, along with loans and grants, but 11% of undergraduates rely on credit cards and a worrying 2% on payday loans. This would imply over 250,000 students and 46,000 students in the UK respectively.
18/06/2014 11:59 BST

Is It Time to Rethink Student Housing?

The higher education policy-makers of the 50s and 60s might have found it strange that we are not thinking more strategically about the opportunities for peer learning and wider enrichment that are offered by student accommodation.
15/02/2013 12:54 GMT