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Jeremy Gilley

Film-maker and the founder of Peace One Day

Jeremy Gilley is a film-maker and the founder of Peace One Day the non-profit organisation who drove the initiative that led to the unanimous adoption by the United Nations member states of an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September – Peace Day.

Raising Awareness of Peace Day One Event at a Time

Over the years, it has become more and more crucial for Peace One Day to hold other events throughout the year. Their purpose is not only to help raise awareness of the day but also the much-needed funds in order for us to continue our work in the Great Lakes region of Africa and the world.
11/12/2015 17:19 GMT

Music Builds Peace One Day at a Time

Music has always played a vital role championing social causes; whether through bringing musicians together to challenge injustice, raise funds for the disadvantaged or, in fact, to demonstrate to the world a rich and vibrant culture that is under threat.
15/09/2015 17:01 BST

Peace One Day's Jeremy Gilley on Global Truce 2012

This whole journey began with such a simple idea: a day of peace. We all want a world without war, without conflict, without human suffering. A single day is a window of opportunity. On 21 September this year, Peace Day 2011, we begin the countdown towards Global Truce - the biggest call for peace the world has ever seen...What we want to tell individuals is that the power to change the world lies in their hands - I don't believe in cynicism, in apathy; it doesn't get you anywhere - cynicism kills potential and possibility. And if we're not fighting for a better world, what's the point?
21/09/2011 00:02 BST