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Jerry Barnett

Author of Porn Panic! and campaigner for free expression

Jerry Barnett is an author, technologist, campaigner, photographer and entrepreneur. With a long background in anti-fascism campaigning, he has become increasingly disillusioned with the new left, which has taken on many of the attitudes and methods of the old right. He is a passionate campaigner for free expression, and he heads the Sex & Censorship campaign (, which he founded in 2013.

Jerry's book, Porn Panic!, will be published on 26 August 2016, and is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Additionally, Jerry is a keen traveller, especially to sub-Saharan Africa, a music lover, London's oldest raver, and (very tired) parent to three amazing children.

'Blocking Extreme Porn' Is A Gateway To Internet Censorship

And so their moment has come. If these plans come to pass, the BBFC will be granted the power to order Internet providers to block sites that don't conform to its bizarre standards. However, it should be noted that these standards are based on moral judgement rather than actual evidence of harm.
23/11/2016 16:53 GMT

Silencing "Hate Speech" Doesn't Stop Hate

All censorship, including No Platform, is an elitist activity. Censors are generally self-appointed individuals who believe they have the right to decide which viewpoints should not be spoken or heard by anyone.
01/04/2015 00:05 BST

Pornstars to Stage Protest in London

Female pornstars can't win: they are labelled victims, and if they try to defend what they do for a living, this is taken as proof of just how 'oppressed' they are. According to <em>SPC</em> and <em>Object</em>, their voices are not worth hearing. This is why we are protesting outside the <em>SPC</em> conference from 3pm on Saturday 15 March.
13/03/2014 09:12 GMT