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Jess Suter

Founder of The Change PR & Ethical Media Campaigner

Jessica Suter is the founder of The Change PR. After starting her career in Public Relations as a young adult Jess realised early on that she had a hidden passion for the industry. She started as an office junior and was promoted within just a few months to a managerial position after demonstrating her natural flair and talent in the industry.

Jess has a great work ethic, a wealth of knowledge about the industry and lives by honesty and determination and has felt great pride in implementing that into her work.

When not in the office she can be seen exploring the Norfolk countryside or scaring herself half to death watching 80s horror films.

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The Result Is Positive

The result is positive. My partner and I are thrilled. Tears prick our cheeks and we embrace each other as we revel in the joy of our future. I tell my mum and my best friend. Everyone is thrilled. I started to get sick...
03/05/2013 15:46 BST

Could the Closure of Wikileaks Spark a Revolution in Journalism?

So could the closure of Wikileaks end up generating a new type of journalist? One that has the freedom to release the other half of the story, one that has the freedom to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I certainly hope so, and believe that we are seeing it already.
27/10/2011 23:40 BST