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Jessica Fuhl

Freelance Journalist and English Masters graduate

Jessica Fuhl is a freelance journalist who recently graduated with a Masters in English from the University of Southampton. She has written for several local and national platforms and is currently temping in her spare time to save money to start her NCTJ Journalism qualification within the next two years. With a particular interest in student news and higher education, Jessica is also addicted to Twitter and feels very strongly about tabloid journalism and student media. Catch her online at @JessicaFuhl, or on her blog,

Grim Unemployment Figures are More than Just Statistics

Statistics can be brandished about, but do those who do so genuinely grasp the heart-breaking and demoralising effect of this on their sons, daughter, nieces, nephews and family friends who endure the consequences of this day in and day out?
13/10/2011 23:53 BST