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Jo Rourke

Writer, translator, geeky about words, founder of Silver Tongue

Jo Rourke is a freelance writer and translator. Nosy, talkative and never far from a notebook – the spoken and written word are her passions. She’s contributes to online blogs and news sites and writes her own blog on her company website

Linkedin Isn't For Freelancers...Or Is It?

Linkedin, when used correctly, can be an extension of your website, providing information you won't include there, and, contrary to popular belief, it can be customised considerably; giving it your personal touch. You'll notice I said it's an extension of your website, not an extension of your CV. After all, your Linkedin profile can have, among other things:
20/09/2016 13:29 BST

You Are Still You

When your baby takes their first stuttering, wavy armed steps across the room and your heart bursts with pride and love and life. You are still you. With a nappy in your teeth and "mustard seeds" under your nails, calling for the back up that's bathing your three year old. You are still you.
06/03/2016 18:19 GMT

Languages Are Sick

Our language courses need to focus on language fluency, perhaps by other subjects being taught <em>in </em>the language, thus killing two birds with the one Rosetta stone, so to speak. Starting to learn them a bit earlier wouldn't exactly hurt either. We already make such an effort to raise global citizens, children of the world - let's now make sure their voices can be heard, a
12/02/2014 12:04 GMT

Project Unbreakable: For Shame

Despite deadlines, demands and general downheartedness, on a typical weekday morning, I am not usually taken to weeping into my tea. Neither am I often seething with rage, nor humbled, or in awe, or heartbroken - all of which I was as I gazed at my screen this morning. The cause? <a href="" target="_hplink">This website</a>.
19/01/2012 22:02 GMT

Inappropriate Women of Twitter

We were told that having a feminist or women's lib group in the bar would be "inappropriate". Inappropriate. So feminism and women's liberation are inappropriate. In London. In the West End. In 2011.
16/11/2011 23:31 GMT

Dear Wannabe Well-Knowns

I know you'll have heard in the news about women stripping/posing/glamour modelling their way through university and how this makes them "empowered women". I also believe that in your private moments, unfilled with noise and devoid of delusions, you know this is wrong.
20/10/2011 00:00 BST

Because We're Worth It

When I asked one of my French friends how this links with weight control, I was awarded a gloriously Gallic shrug and the simple explanation that if something doesn't taste good she won't eat it. She deserves better, as does her body.
10/08/2011 14:32 BST

Together we stand

We will rise up, in our own peaceful way, against the thugs and the criminals who are trying to destroy homes and businesses - we will do so with dignity, we will do it together. And we will win.
09/08/2011 16:10 BST

The Art of Being a Wingwoman

Women like to do things together - go to the bathroom, try things on, drink wine, hunt. We're pack animals - always have been, always will be.
08/08/2011 23:21 BST


Us "eco-warriors" aren't out to get you, steal your money and brainwash innocent children and puppies - making the world a better place is a bit grand, but even so, it's not exactly a bad aspiration.
24/07/2011 20:27 BST

"Maybe It's Because You're a Londoner"

Coming from a country where people are generally a bit more chatty (no blarney stone references please), I've found it odd not saying hello to people when I enter a shop, though I am now accustomed to the ensuing look of panic if I smile at someone on the tube.
22/07/2011 22:35 BST

Let's Be Honest With Ourselves About Hackgate

Think of the issues that have raised our national hackles in the past few years; oil prices, cash for influence, expenses, bankers' bonuses...for a while we're appalled, outraged, demanding justice, or at the very least all the juicy details. And then? Business as usual. Should we do more or realise that we're a fickle bunch?
20/07/2011 23:02 BST