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Jo Whiley

Parents Need to Become Better 'Road Models'

Everyone picks up bad habits in life as well as driving, it's inevitable, but when you have children it's important to make sure you're not making glaring mistakes on a regular basis. I suppose that what many people need to realise is that if for instance your child grows up watching you on your phone in the car then they'll believe that it is safe behaviour.
10/11/2014 14:34 GMT

My Top Family Travel Tips

I absolutely love to travel, it's a real passion of mine and so, like a huge number of Brits, as soon as the new year hits, my mind turns to planning my holidays. Here are a few tips that I've learnt over the years to help everyone who is looking to book a family holiday for 2013...
18/02/2013 22:20 GMT

Innovations That Inspire Me

When you're talking innovations, tech and a few gadgets in particular, have woven their way into my life and continue to impresses me more and more on a daily basis. Here's how...
09/05/2012 22:28 BST