Joanna Pieters Helping you make the most of your life, your time and energy. @joannapieters

Joanna Pieters helps busy people have the life they want by making the most of their time and energy.

People come to Joanna because they have big visions but they're overwhelmed, or they're fed up with day-in-day-out exhaustion. They put together an action plan to transform what they can achieve by using their time and energy in the most effective ways.

As well as blogging, Joanna runs regular workshops on delegation and building an outsourced team. She is frequently asked to comment in the media on subjects from delegation to home organisation.

Joanna spent 18 years as a journalist, editor and magazine publisher, managing large teams and tight budgets in fast-moving, high-pressure environments. She has an MBA from Imperial College, London. Her company, Time Wizard, provides coaching, consultancy and training.