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Joe Williams

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Community radio presenter. Labour Party member in North Wiltshire. Flack. Cricket fan. Cyclist. Politico. #pusb

What Next for Pro-Europeans?

We must let the government enter their negotiations with the Union's other members. And we must keep making the case for both a democratic and free Europe - and of the necessity of a public vote on the terms of whatever exit deal is produced.
14/07/2016 13:11 BST

Review: Jane Eyre at Bristol Old Vic/Theatre Royal

Perhaps most impressively, the production manages to make a book from an era where a year's worth of information corresponds to approximately a second's of our own time feel relevant without the need for any crude literary devices.
01/02/2016 13:25 GMT

Cycle to Work: Just Say 'No' to Bargain Hunt

Cycling provides a brilliant antidote sickness and the costs associated with it. We recently discovered that 68% of people that use our National Cycle Network threw not a single sickie last year. Just by riding to work every day, we can improve our health to such an extent that we reduce the number of sick days we take to almost half.
03/06/2013 22:44 BST

How to Save 36,815 Lives a Year

We can no longer ignore this problem: both central and local government must now act to ensure people can chose to exercise as part of their normal day far more often and make walking and cycling the safest, easiest and most enjoyable way to travel around their community.
19/03/2013 11:59 GMT