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Joel Braunold

Former Director of External Relations for the OneVoice Movement

Between 2009-2011 Joel was the Director of External Relations for the OneVoice Movement, a parallel Israeli, Palestinian civil society movement with over 650,000 members, based out of their European office in London. He is a senior fellow at the Alliance for Youth movements. Joel spent two years in Yeshiva (Jewish theological seminary) in Jerusalem and has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Bristol. He is a former national executive member of the National Union of Students UK where he headed up the housing, anti-racism anti-facism and faith and inclusion portfolios. He is currently a graduate student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Views expressed are his and his alone and represent no-one else.

Has the Third Intifada Already Started?

The two-state compromise has not run out of time, the status quo of conflict management has. As true urgency and pressure returns alongside this new uprising, we should not see the removal of options, but the death of the status quo.
28/02/2012 22:10 GMT

Political Failure Does Not Change Reality for Israelis or Palestinians

Today will mark another line in the sand in the morbid negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Whether or not this is the date that the quartet has stated its deadline to get each side's documents presented to each other is currently under dispute by the sides themselves.
25/01/2012 22:31 GMT

Betwixt and Between the Israeli Democratic Dream

Over the past few years a steadily increasing chorus of voices have been warning about anti-democratic legislation finding its way into the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset. Hillary Clinton joined these voices last week in remarks she gave at a conference.
07/12/2011 06:47 GMT

Why the UNESCO Membership is About More Than Palestinian Independence

More than any other UN agency, UNESCO has the ability to further this conflict by reclassifying different sites in the West Bank to ignore their Jewish heritage. If they do this, they will make the painful compromises that the Jews of Israel need to make even harder to get to.
01/11/2011 22:56 GMT

Palestine: What Now?

With a week of non-stop op-eds offering different views of the goings on in Turtle Bay, it's time to focus on practical, real-world solutions if we are still dedicated to the Two State Solution.
23/09/2011 13:45 BST

September in Palestine

Can a two state solution still be salvaged after September? Assuming that there is no creative solution to the UN confrontation, the world will need to focus on how to keep the solution alive even while the parties lose faith in it.
05/09/2011 00:02 BST