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John Caudwell

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of Phones4u

Founder and former Chief Executive of the Caudwell Group (including high street retailer Phones 4u), John is one of Britain’s most influential entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

John gives significantly to and raises the profiles of causes which struggle to receive the attention, funding and assistance they so desperately need. Through his charities Caudwell Children and Caudwell LymeCo, John’s present focus is on improving the evidence, research and ultimately, therapies available to those with autism and Lyme disease.

Caudwell Children specifically has supported over 20,000 children and families since its inception, has provided over £37 million worth of services and supported children with over 600 different medical conditions.

As a signatory to the ‘Giving Pledge’, John is committed to giving over half his wealth to charitable causes before he dies. By signing up to the Pledge, John sits alongside Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and many others who are using their personal wealth to solve intractable problems.

John keenly believes that it is the responsibility of everyone, including businesses, to pay their dues to the society they live and operate in. However, there are many policy areas where reforms are needed to ensure best value and best outcomes are secured.

These reforms, the opportunities presented by leaving the European Union, a thriving business sector and a championing of philanthropic culture, will see Britain continue to lead the world in to the future.

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