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John Sauven

Executive Director, Greenpeace UK

The Next UK Government Must Finish The Job Of Protecting Our Oceans

Britain remains a significant power on the global stage, especially in relation to ocean conservation, and it is essential that the next Government upholds this fine tradition and pushes ahead with the most ambitious plan to protect the oceans the world has ever seen.
04/05/2017 16:19 BST

This World Oceans Day Is Time to Stem the Plastic Tide

Huge quantities of pointless plastic wrapping, there to market rather than protect the product, are already illegal. But prosecutions are rare and fines rarely make it into four figures. Consumer power can help, and it is helping, but the problem is urgent, and we need government to take this issue seriously as well.
08/06/2016 14:46 BST

After London's Bitter Mayoral Campaign, It's Time to Clear the Air

For every person killed in London by a traffic accident, nearly a hundred are killed by low air quality. Imagine if that was reversed, if London's traffic was killing ten thousand people a year through collisions, would we still accept it as the price of urban living? How many thousands of deaths would we tolerate if we could see them happening on our streets?
25/05/2016 10:46 BST

Narendra Modi, Cease Your Administration's Unlawful and Unjustified Attack on Civil Society Organisations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi... We are writing to draw your attention to the continued harassment of civil society organisations, including Greenpeace, by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs. Just last week, Greenpeace India has had its legal registration cancelled, the latest and most serious in a long string of attempts by the home ministry to shut down the organisation.
11/11/2015 08:00 GMT

Amazon Destruction? Not In My Builder's Yard

Deforestation rates peaked in 2004 and fell steadily for almost ten years. But the loggers didn't go away. They just got smarter. Despite the government's interventions, most of the logging in the Brazilian Amazon was still illegal. The loggers learned how to game the systems put in place to keep illegal timber out of the market. They found crooked sawmills to launder their illegal timber, and exporters that didn't care where their products they sold came from... The scale of illegal logging in the Amazon is astounding. In the state of Pará, almost 80% of logging is believed to be illegal.
23/05/2014 18:18 BST

Nuclear Energy – A Fading Dream

This year, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have the opportunity to overhaul Britain's electricity system with a new Energy Bill in parliament. They should use the Fukushima anniversary to challenge some of the vested interests that are serving us so badly.
09/03/2012 17:17 GMT