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Jolyon Rubinstein

Co-writer and performer of The Revolution Will Be Televised on BBC3

The face and razor sharp wit of the viral video ‘ Can I Be Your Friend?’. Created for the ENO production of ‘Two Boys’, the viral peaked at no 2 in the UK for over 7 days and was 5th globally. It reached 1,000,000 views in less than two weeks and is now the highest viewed video ever for an arts organisation and continues to be shared. In 2012 Jolyon and his long term collaborator Heydon Prowse were seen in 'The Revolution Will Be Televised', a new series for Hat Trick Productions which turns the spotlight on politicians, self-obsessed narcissistic celebrities and bonus-guzzling bankers. He and Heydon brought their unique brand of humour, established with 'Don’t Panic Online' owner and journalist Joe Wade, to a broader TV audience. The show, described as 'Trigger Happy TV meets Newsnight', is broadcast on BBC3 to rave reviews.

Let's Make Lying in Parliament History

If I were to lie in a court of law, I would go to jail. If I make false or misleading statements as a director of a publicly listed company about my shares or assets I can face criminal prosecution. But astonishingly it's entirely legal for an MP to lie to Parliament. It's one rule for them and one rule for us.
05/12/2014 18:07 GMT

Bangladesh Journalists Denied Press Freedoms That We Take for Granted

With elections next year, Bangladesh is entering an unsettling period in its short history, as it drifts towards becoming a one-party state. If an opposition remains, which I remain hopeful it will, Bangladeshis must be given a fair and balanced view on the political choice that awaits them. While our politicians remain shamefully silent, we must defend those who are brave enough to speak out in Bangladesh. And whilst I go round taking the piss out of the not-so-great and the not-so-good in the coming months, I shall be thinking more than once how lucky I am to be able to do so.
11/11/2012 22:20 GMT

Why we Should all be Occupying The London Stock Exchange

In the last week there have been a number of news stories circulating that have once again cast an utterly predictable and equally depressing light on the realities of the current state of play between our government, financial institutions and big businesses who operate on British shores.
14/10/2011 10:01 BST

How Will History Judge Britain's Role In Libya?

Whether one agrees that Britain should have taken a leading role in the Libyan conflict or not, there are a number of key issues that seem to have been forgotten or simply poorly reported in the mainstream media.
27/08/2011 10:55 BST

'' - No Thank You!

We don't want to have to choose the best practice when we are sick. We're sick, for God sake! We want all the practices to be good, especially the one that is closest to our home, and to be regulated and monitored by those with the right qualifications using the right criteria
19/07/2011 10:43 BST