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Jon Snow

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Jon Snow presents Channel 4 News. He has been a journalist with ITN since 1976, and the face of Channel 4 News since 1989. He reported The Revolution in Iran; the Release of Nelson Mandela; the fall of the Berlin Wall; and more recently, the Arab Spring and the Japanese Tsunami. As well as presenting the programme, Jon writesSnowblog - a unique take on the day's events - and

Snowmail - a preview of the evening programme's main stories. He is the most followed UK journalist on twitter – currently @jonsnowc4 has 226,168 followers.

Saudi Mosque, Exports, Oil and the West

As Europe scurries after the alienated, radicalised, often criminalised, people who pose this very immediate threat to our cities and way of life, has the moment come for our own governments to confront our relationship with the Saudis, even as that country tries to confront its own threat from Isis? Many in Britain, and indeed Belgium, would claim that we need to pursue a new course that will refuse all compromise with a regime that allegedly fosters the export of practices which so many Islamic scholars condemn as an abuse and contortion of a precious faith which brings so much succour to so many.
23/03/2016 16:16 GMT

Paris Attacks: Middle East's Wars Arrive in Europe

We are now confronted by one of the gravest threats to our world and our way of life, since rise of the Nazism. We'd better start talking about it openly not only amongst ourselves, but with everyone with whom we relate who plays a role in its sustenance, and that of course includes the Saudis.
14/11/2015 18:28 GMT

Beating the Taboo of Writing About Dying

There's a chance that this final book of poems by Felix Dennis, <em>I Just Stepped Out</em>, seriously assaults the taboo of writing about one's own death, indeed of writing about death at all. But if anyone could do it, Felix Dennis could. The richest man I've ever known well - the most generous, kindest, angriest, and perhaps also the most eccentric, too. There are no comparisons, no yardsticks, no reference points against which to classify Felix. He was an absolute one-off. A man whose business judgement was as brilliant as his life was at times chaotic. A man whose poetry was as rhythmic and lyrical as his private life was eclectic.
22/06/2015 08:56 BST

Charlie Hebdo Shooting Is a Ferociously Shocking Moment

Even for a hardened news man in a hardened newsroom the mass shooting at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is a ferociously shocking moment. We know at least 12 are dead, five are critically wounded and others beside. And those numbers will doubtless change during the day. It happens at a very tender moment for European politics, at a tender moment for the Islamic world. Wracked with violence from northern Nigeria all the way to Pakistan by radical action and bloodletting.
07/01/2015 13:19 GMT

The Going of Alex Salmond

Then the bombshell, "I am resigning as first minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party". Not since Lord Carrington resigned as foreign secretary over the Falklands war had a leading British politician resigned as a matter of honour. There was no pressure upon him to do so.
21/09/2014 17:36 BST

Our Obligation to the Memory of the Victims of 9/11

Thirteen years after 9/11, an English speaking voice articulates the beheading of an American hostage. There are hundreds of western Muslims in the ranks of Islamic State (IS). In waging unwise and horrific war themselves in Iraq, western powers have forfeited their capacity overtly to bolster moderate regional forces in Syria and Iraq.
11/09/2014 14:27 BST

Gaza Conflict: Is It Too Late For Negotiated Peace?

This cannot go on. Humans live in Gaza, remarkably like us. They laugh, they cry, they die. But too many of them die before their time. And that is true for those 29 Israeli military boys who have died, none older than his 20s. Cannot their end be the starting point for something revolutionarily new? Getting inside each others heads, understanding the other, or is it all just too late?
23/07/2014 10:55 BST

Child Abuse, Cover-Ups and Public Schools

I well remember my first days in my boarding school - the wolf whistles from the prefects' open windows as we passed in and out of our boarding quarters. Prettier boys were openly rated as desirable. It was in my second term, when I was 13 years old, that I first received a note from a 17-year-old in the school rugby team asking would I meet him for a smoke. This was a euphemism for intended sexual contact.
09/07/2014 16:02 BST

When Life in Cyberspace Becomes Horrifically Real on Earth

Humankind has yet to reach that precious place where there is balance and understanding in all. While the bands rock, and fashionistas sport their wares, we should never forget the deeply satanic forces that share our evolving temporal and cyber universe.
09/06/2014 15:20 BST

My Friend, Maya Angelou - America's Great Warrior

I just heard she's died. I just lost an amazing friend. Maya Angelou was far larger than life: a vast life force. Tall, somewhere around six foot, with a voice that ranged from deep baritone to high contralto. She could recite, sing, dance, laugh, cry, speak, and above all write. She wrote her life from birth to near death. It was a life that etched the beginnings of an understanding of civil rights through to the great moment of the anointing of a black president in 2008.
28/05/2014 16:48 BST

The Visceral Hatred of Westminster Politics

The knowledge that the Scots will suddenly have what we do not have - localised governance devolved from Westminster - is in danger of generating fury. Scottish independence is likely to have a highly destabilising for the rest of us. We only have ourselves to blame.
06/05/2014 09:37 BST

Is News Ruining Our Lives?

We are amid the greatest revolution human life has ever known - the liberation of communication - in the hands of the many as well as that dangerous few. Yes of course the danger is there - the danger that what we call news maybe hijacked, distorted, lied about, propogandised. But today I argue that we stand at the dawn of the golden age of what we have come to describe as journalism. The mediation of information by individuals, collectives, groups, whom WE have the very individual powers to choose.
03/03/2014 00:03 GMT

Nelson Mandela: The Man Who Inspired My Generation

Over two decades after his "walk to freedom", Nelson Mandela has walked his final mile. The impact of his death will reach far beyond the frontiers of South Africa. There will be tears, but celebration for one of the most remarkable lives of our time. Madiba, as he was fondly known, leaves us with a memory of the best in public life to which any human can aspire. His signal contribution to humankind, the embrace and sustaining of forgiveness for his own, and for his people's oppression.
06/12/2013 10:37 GMT

The News Report Tonight You Cannot Afford to Miss

Nowhere describes Syria's disintegration as a nation more acutely than her shattered second city of Aleppo. No where describes the agony of Syria more acutely than that city's Darshifa Clinic. Despite the almost complete lack of medical staff, drugs, equipment and even sanitation, the clinic tends the cascades of brutally injured civilians and fighters alike pouring through its door.
25/03/2013 16:24 GMT

Shall We Stuff the President?

Lenin has suffered considerably down the years. An ear fell off some time ago and had to be re-attached. Kenyatta had to be embalmed and, how shall I put it - 'stuffed' during the night hours so that the crowds could file past during the day. As the Venezuelans commit to embalming Hugo Chavez, they should perhaps take note of what has happened to these once great men. Stuffing a president doesn't do him any good in the long run. A glass case in a military building on public display may not prove the kindest ending for Hugo.
08/03/2013 19:16 GMT

Kraftwerk's Crafty Work: Crossing Generations

How can a band that was the rage 40 years ago still be relevant? The question was answered for 1,250 3D bespectacled fans, of whom I was one, on Friday night. The question is answered at every one of their eight night performances at Tate Modern in London.
11/02/2013 21:49 GMT

A Legacy to Stand On?

OK so we have hosed ourselves down, celebrated Jonnie Peacock, Ellie Simmonds and so very many more. But beyond our fading emotions, stirred in a way not one of us ever anticipated, what's left? For myself, and I guess many others, I do consider disability differently, visible disability for sure. I'm not so sure anything has advanced with regard to the less visibly disabled people amongst us.
22/10/2012 16:47 BST