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Jonty Langley

Commentator, writer at a Christian mission agency

Jonty Langley is a former Baptist Times news columnist, former Consulting Editor for Christianity magazine and regular writer and pundit across UK Christian media. In his day job he oversees editorial content for a range of magazines and websites for a Christian mission agency working all over the world. The views expressed here are his own.

Theresa May Is Wrong - and Christians Should Care

Theresa May made her latest speech as Minister for Irony today, as she invoked tolerance, freedom of speech and diversity while announcing that a future Conservative government would introduce anti-extremist laws that can only be described as, well, extreme.
01/10/2014 10:15 BST

Humblebrags and Butapologies

The 'humblebrag' was a concept to which many were introduced last week. Primarily used in a social media context like Twitter or Facebook, it's a label applied to a boast cloaked in false humility or any supposedly innocuous statement intended to make the poster look good.
09/10/2011 23:59 BST

Sean Duffy, Tolerance and Free Speech

I am a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, salvation-emphasising Christian, and I support freedom of speech. That may seem odd if you follow depictions of Christians of my particular tribe in the media.
22/09/2011 15:11 BST

9/11, Libya and Memory

If torture is wrong, if kidnap is wrong, if imprisonment without trial and mistreatment are wrong, then how afraid we are at the time we allow those things only serves as an explanation, not an excuse.
11/09/2011 19:47 BST

'Christian Economics' and a New Definition of Work

hy Christians (and the rest of us) need to develop a better philosophy of what work should be, and why being a landlord or investor doesn't really count, despite what the right-wing Church says.
09/09/2011 13:09 BST

Greenbelt: Britain's Greatest Festival

When you can honestly say you love the toilets at a festival on day three, that festival is probably something special. I love the toilets at <a href="" target="_hplink">Greenbelt</a>.
06/09/2011 23:13 BST

Praying For David Cameron

'It'd be ironic if you now started a Pray For Cameron movement,' a friend said to me recently. It shouldn't be, of course. I'm a Christian. Praying for the people we dislike is repeatedly commanded by Jesus.
21/08/2011 23:06 BST

Left & Right: Wrong on Riots

In a lot of riots, I usually have sympathy with the rioters. I understand how this can be irritating, but, if the cause is just, the targets legitimate and the violence aimed at inanimate objects rather than people, while I may not do it myself, I can see where the anarchists/ environmentalists/ students/ ethnic underclass are coming from.
15/08/2011 23:24 BST

Anarchism, Socialism and Christianity

Many Christians have fallen for this oddly popular myth: that a system that recognises people won't willingly do the right thing by the poor and so finds structural means of redistributing wealth is somehow naïve.
11/08/2011 15:07 BST

East Africa, Guilt and Good Fortune

I was hoping for murder, or at least adultery. Preferably deviant adultery. Sadly, when my friend said in church last week: 'I feel guilty', he was confessing nothing more than a day of being pampered at a luxury hotel: wonderful food, discrete but attentive service, beautiful surroundings. Luxury. 'And when we got home,' he said, 'there was the news about the East Africa famine.'
08/08/2011 12:35 BST

Congo, Christians and Tiny 'We's

As a universal religion that potentially and at its best can be expressed within (and can simultaneously critique and subvert) any culture, Christianity, with its focus on the New Testament, should never place one race, one nation, one culture above another in any automatic way.
02/08/2011 23:56 BST

Was Norway's Killer a Christian?

No, Breivik was probably not a real Christian. But how many of us were willing to listen when Muslims told us similar things about Osama Bin Laden?
25/07/2011 13:51 BST

Mandela T-shirts and Terrorist Birthdays

Our glorious leader, David Cameron, was in South Africa on Monday 18 July ̶ the birthday of the world's most famous convicted terrorist. The terrorist's name is Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first democratically elected President and former bomb-plotter.
20/07/2011 17:13 BST

R.I.P. News Of The World

<em>News of the World</em> may have hacked people's voicemail, but its real crime was the elevation of tawdry gossip to the status of news and the radical simplification of real news to the level of gossip.
15/07/2011 09:40 BST