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Jonty Langley

Commentator, columnist and writer on Christian politics

Jonathan Langley is a columnist and commentator and was the 'weekly news communist' for The Baptist Times. An evangelical Christian with leftist politics, he regularly comments on political and justice issues in the Christian press and broadcast media. He also works for one of Britain’s oldest Christian mission agencies and has worked with a charity serving the homeless in Reading. His commentary has been featured in Christianity, EthicsDaily,, Threads, Associated Baptist Press, The Narnian Socialist Review and Baptist Times as well as on many religious radio news shows.

Good Friday vs Easter: We Don't Always Have to Win

Could the message of Easter be that even from the worst loss in history, God can create a different kind of miraculous goodness, that transcends our childish need for simple victory? Isn't that the beauty of Christianity generally?
05/04/2015 23:01 BST

Jesus Christ, Extremist: The Devil's Passion

Justin Butcher's <em>Devil's Passion</em> is a welcome antidote to the dull and done to death, a light sandblasting for jaded souls. It's also a timely piece, casting Jesus in the role of extremist preacher, whose dangerous ideas have the potential to cause untold instability in the Middle East and here at home
05/04/2015 21:47 BST

Theresa May Is Wrong - and Christians Should Care

Theresa May made her latest speech as Minister for Irony today, as she invoked tolerance, freedom of speech and diversity while announcing that a future Conservative government would introduce anti-extremist laws that can only be described as, well, extreme.
01/10/2014 10:15 BST

Interview: Peterson Toscano, Gay Christian activist

Peterson Toscano is an American gay Christian activist and performer. That's an awful lot of labels. He's also an actor, a Quaker, a survivor of the 'Ex-Gay Movement', a comedian, a playwright and an actor, to add a few more. Personally, I just found him charming, smart and funny. And that's why I'll be going to see his show involving transgender readings of the Bible at a Christian festival in August.
31/05/2012 11:40 BST

I Hated Kony Before He Was Cool

"I hated Joseph Kony before he was cool." That's the thought I had to keep stifling on Wednesday, like some sort of humanitarian crisis hipster struggling with the fact his favourite band has 'gone mainstream'.
09/03/2012 13:16 GMT

Picking Sides: Us v Them

It is not enough simply not to hate an enemy. It is not enough to pray for 'them'. 'Love your enemies' and 'Love your neighbour' make fine slogans, but they mean nothing if we don't act upon them. And it is impossible to love someone you are trying to kill or allowing to starve.
13/12/2011 21:14 GMT

Picking Sides: Free v Popular Speech

It is so important to hate Jeremy Clarkson for the right reasons. Doing so on ridiculous grounds just spoils it for the rest of us. I say this assuming you do hate him, which I don't recommend. It only encourages him.
13/12/2011 21:13 GMT

Picking sides: Rich v poor

Like the latest Mac, most centrist political parties and NewsCorp, 'class war' is a tool of the rich.
22/11/2011 12:25 GMT

Poppy for the Guy?

This is a country where Protestants worthy of the name no longer celebrate Catholic deaths, where, for the most part, the Christian Church is smart enough not to be embarrassing. I like it. Let's reject criminalising those we strongly disagree with. Let's work to keep it that way.
11/11/2011 09:44 GMT

Christians Picking Sides at St Paul's

Religious people have done themselves no favours in this, but unless you're the kind of dribbling goon who thinks anything useful can be achieved without the beliefs and ideologies that unite social movements, it's obvious that secular philosophies have just as many crazy-eyed zealots. So get over it.
05/11/2011 22:31 GMT