Joshua Funnell Taking direct action, from his bedroom

I've never enjoyed these bios; It's usually a space where you forcibly attempt to sound witty and intelligent with (not so) subtle plugs that parade your innumerable skills like an advertising whore. It reminds me of a time Aljazeera interviewed me (there's one such plug) and I 'went off on one' with a tirade of moral indignation...which is usually what my bios degenerate in to, with displays of moral self righteousness that would overwhelm even Peter Hitchens (the bastard).

I'm Josh, I'm 22 years old suffering a premature age crisis because my hesitant start to UNIVERSITY LTD. This was due to an extra year of work necessary for university financial survival. A tragedy not understood by my wealthy student comrades who went on safari to play with Rhinos and "chunder everywahhh". Consequently I'm subject to the classic university careerists inquisition: "So...why are you so old without banking internships lined up, I was 10 when I started university".

Anyway, to make up for my lack of achievement at this point of imminent death (22 years old) last year I got involved in the student newspaper and adopted a role as kind of journalistic agent provocateur, gaining a reputation for upsetting every sacred cow and society on campus with what I believed were necessary critiques.

I decided that my initial position at the news section was untenable as it had adopted what the BBC call 'impartial journalism', which translates as; report the news factually, but provide no context and take no angle no matter how obviously outrageous an individual, organization, or states actions are, just repeat like stenographers. This I simply cannot do as I believe strongly that journalism is a crusade against power with a moral foundation at it's core, not factual, sterile computer processing. "You can't stay neutral on a moving train".

Everything since has become a fight for me, a quest for truth and social justice. My enemy is a conservative social and economic establishment who guard wealth and power, commit unspeakable crimes economically, socially, both domestically and abroad and everywhere we confront their apologists and enablers. My war is with those who protect this egregious status quo. Smear me, call me a loony lefty, a conspiracy theorist, a naïve idealist, whatever, the people are beginning to stir. “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”

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