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Jude Thorne

CEO of Ice

Jude has 24 years experience in customer relationship management, customer loyalty, marketing and branding. She held a number of senior positions in top agencies, including Group Account Director of WWAV, Director of RSA and Client Services Director of DDM, before joining AirMiles in 1994.

Initially as Marketing Director and then as MD, Jude changed the platform for customer relationships, creating centralised accounts and focusing on customer and client communications and service.

The creation of new products and services underpinned the company’s economic turnaround and by the time Jude left AirMiles at the end of 2000, the company had increased its profits to £27.2 million, making it the most profitable subsidiary BA worldwide at that time.

Jude set up Verve Partnership Ltd with Steve Toomey, ex FD of AirMiles. Verve advised on customer loyalty programmes for companies such as Sainsbury’s, MBNA, RCI, Cendant Group, John Lewis PLC, Virgin Nigeria and HSBC. Verve is a founder shareholder of The Ice Organisation Ltd (IceTM).

Hold Your Horses!

So where can consumers buy with confidence without needing a DNA testing kit? With the real guardians of food traceability and provenance, local farm retailers and local butchers, of course.
14/02/2013 17:37 GMT

Why We Need to be Making Better Choices

According to scientists from NASA and the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center, the current Arctic sea ice cover is the smallest size ever observed in the three decades since consistent satellite observations of the polar cap began
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Celebrating Our Local Food Heroes

I grow a few acres of asparagus on my farm in Kent and this year I have looked on helplessly as the asparagus first sulked underground in the rain and cold, refusing to grow at all and then shot up faster than we could pick it as soon as the sun came out. With this small taste of the unpredictability of farming life, my respect for our farm shop partners grows and grows.
08/06/2012 16:48 BST

The Cynical Guide to Loyalty Programmes

Financially, times are tough for most of us at the moment and the recent budget hasn't done much to make life easier for cash strapped consumers. But are we missing out on ways to make our household budgets go further?
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