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Julian Bond

Formerly Director of Christian Muslim Forum (2006 to 2015)

Julian Bond, Director of the Christian Muslim Forum since its launch in 2006. He has engaged with the Muslim community around the country while also encouraging Christians to meet with Muslims, both through the Forum and as a member of the Methodist Church. He has been the driving force behind the Forum's leaders training programme, originally 'Imams and Ministers'.

The Sermon in the Park

What if Jesus turned up today and delivered his material in London instead of Jerusalem? What if he came and preached in Regent's Park, what would he say to us today?
11/07/2016 11:53 BST

A Christian Ramadan Retreat

On the day I got up as usual, it was still dark, and made breakfast. I prayed the Lord's Prayer - 'give us this day our daily bread!' and asked for strength in fasting as a spiritual exercise. I finished breakfast around 06.30 (discovering later that the fast should began at 05.30, no imam for guidance though I could have researched it better - this was several years ago).
15/12/2014 04:33 GMT

From Evangelical to Inter-Faith

In some ways I have remained evangelical but sustained by liberal querying and exploration. I have formed good partnerships with evangelical colleagues and in my own church which have enabled successful collaborations. However, I have not gone back to the evangelical places of my youth...
18/11/2014 17:03 GMT

'When Jesus Met Muhammad ...'

How do we put in practice what our founders taught- if we did inter faith would come naturally and be an integral part of our own religious practice. So what would it be like if Jesus and Muhammad met? It's a question which intrigues and excites me.
17/06/2014 13:31 BST

A Tale of Three Quarters

Yes, Christians and Muslims can and do meet naturally but it doesn't happen as often, or as meaningfully, as we would like. It needs a little push, someone to create opportunities and introduce people to each other, that's where we come in. Where would you start?
12/02/2014 12:51 GMT

Keep Calm, We're British!

I couldn't resist the trite title. Fretting about 'Britishness' seems to be at heart of what it means to be British. It has a familiar feel to it in our media, and not just the tabloids...
13/01/2014 11:22 GMT

Making Finance Fair

Debt is a form of slavery and the Biblical message is one of release from slavery, of freeing of captives. It cannot be a mark of a civilised society that it is based on enslavement through debt. Peter Selby reminded us passionately that debt, interest and the slavery of the poor is condemned by God and the prophets in both Christian and Muslim religious traditions.
11/11/2013 12:42 GMT

Ten Things We Ought to Be Saying About the Niqab

Unless people are committing a crime or outraging public decency they can wear what they like. Other than that, no-one should be telling people what to wear. Difficulties arise when there are no precise rulings or new situations arise...
23/09/2013 11:42 BST

Slaughter of the Innocents

As we reach another anniversary of 9/11 we remember the innocent victims. For the friends and families of those who lost their lives this will be another day of pain and loss as they recall the tragic event which happened 12 years ago.
12/09/2013 12:28 BST

Christians and Eid

I wondered how UK Christians might respond to Ramadan and Eid. Could British churches follow the lead of the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury in sending greetings to British Muslims? Apart from our most senior religious leaders, who have been trailblazers and pioneers of inter faith encounter, we have not seen such recognition of Muslim festivals. This is a new approach for a different era.
09/08/2013 12:44 BST

An 'Unholy War' Against Muslims?

We need alternatives. People need to meet instead of fear each other, exchange dialogue rather than hurl insults or fire bombs, build a peaceful society united by common values, rather than one divided by hatred.
15/07/2013 12:44 BST

Why Did We Create the #StGeorge4All Initiative?

This St George's Day we - 22 very different faith organisations, plus anti-racist groups - are reclaiming St George, plus people of different ethnicities and different religions (even the Welsh!). St George does not belong to extremists.
22/04/2013 17:48 BST

Mosque-Busters and Mega-Masjids

I have been in many masjids around the country, in some of them very little other than prayer goes on. In many there is an attached community centre with community projects. I wonder how many mosque-haters have been inside a mosque?
27/03/2013 13:09 GMT