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Juliet Davenport

POWERful Women: Bridging The Energy/Gender Divide

Most of our society is built around technology; which is changing all the time as electric cars, smart meters and smart home appliances come into play. Only 15% of the scientists behind these technologies were female, which has undoubtedly led to a bias.
07/11/2017 14:38 GMT

Batteries For Your Home - Do They Stack Up?

Government policy needs to change to better recognise and reward the benefits that domestic batteries offer beyond the houses they're installed in - to the grid, the environment, and other energy users
11/09/2017 13:33 BST

Energy - Time for a New Generation

Energy is a topic that's seldom out of the headlines. Whether it is rising prices, uncertainty over the sourcing of fossil fuels, discussions about onshore wind turbines, plans to change the structure for solar subsidies or the likelihood of power cuts, hardly a day goes by when energy is not the focus of at least one major news story.
23/05/2014 12:26 BST

Can We Stop the Clock on an Economic Time Bomb?

We've all done it. Putting something off because it doesn't seem like a priority is human nature. In the daily avalanche of to do lists, e-mails, and task juggling, it can take something drastic to grab our attention before we to decide to prioritise a problem.
30/07/2013 11:02 BST

Launch of the Social Stock Exchange Signals Start of New 'Business as Usual'

The Social Stock Exchange is a new platform designed to connect the public financial markets with social impact investment. It aims to make it easier for investors to find and learn about publicly listed organisations, like Good Energy, that have a demonstrable value to society and the environment, as well as a financial return.
10/06/2013 14:29 BST

It's Time for a Renewables Reboot

Last week's International Energy Agency report sends the message loud and clear: we are simply not doing enough to move away from burning fossil fuels.
23/04/2013 12:26 BST

Rethinking the Energy in our Economy

Renewable technologies represent one of the few ready and easily deployable solutions to the energy challenges we face. But as those challenges increase in years to come, what would happen if we didn't turn to that technology to meet them? What would the wider impacts be if we failed to replace the finite fossil energy sources which sustain our very way of life?
01/03/2013 19:15 GMT


Wind farms are good for our economy, good for our energy bills and good for our climate - now there's a real vote winner.
14/11/2012 16:29 GMT

Smart Meters Need to be Intelligent as Well as Smart

In order to decarbonise our energy sources, we need a smart metering system that is intelligent! Most of us are too busy to continually think about how much energy we're using, but smart meters could enable automation of the process.
16/02/2012 10:20 GMT