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Junaid Alvi

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I'm a student and journalist

Troll Hunting

Trolling recently got a lot of media coverage after a 21 year-old Swansea University student, Liam Stacey, was jailed for 56 days for tweeting various racist and offensive comments following the footballer Fabrice Muamba's cardiac arrest.
22/04/2012 22:28 BST

Simon Cowell's Annus Horribilis

So many significant events occurred last year that Billy Joel could probably rewrite the lyrics to <em>We Didn't Start the Fire</em> and it would still end up being longer than <em>War and Peace </em>and Stacey Solomon: <em>My Story So Far</em> put together. Even the normally calm world of showbiz wasn't spared a flood of stories, from <em>The Only Way Is Essex</em> winning a BAFTA to everyone from Jeremy Clarkson to Ryan Giggs taking out super-injuctions.
25/01/2012 14:39 GMT