Kain Watson Stat-loving football fan with opinions as reliable as Leighton Baines’ left foot.

24 year old Newcastle United fan from Yorkshire. I’m therefore not a real fan or old enough to be taken seriously.

A psychology graduate and a dedicated cynic, I’ve been blessed with the talent of recognising where football is going wrong coupled with the genuine belief that I can fix it if only FIFA and The FA would just let me.

Current writer for Shoot Magazine (www.shoot.co.uk), award-winning blog FourFourTweet (www.fourfourtweet.co.uk), and dedicated Newcastle United fan website The Spectator’s View (www.thespectatorsview.com) as well as the writer of future best-seller “How To Look Good Writing: The Kain Watson Story”.

Follow me on Twitter @kainnufc where you’ll be treated to some histrionic commentary on football matches and a healthy dollop of anti-Roy Hodgson ramblings.