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Karen Oliver

Founding Editor of Beyond The Bathroom Scale, Programme Director of The Health Mindset Programme

Karen Oliver is a former Social Worker with a background in Sociology and Psychology. Through her award-winning blog, Beyond The Bathroom Scale (, Karen campaigns against the diet industry and the damage it causes to health and body image. Karen herself has overcome disordered eating and reversed pre-diabetes and hypertension. She is the Programme Director of The Health Mindset Programme (, which helps women heal from a lifetime of dieting and disordered eating and improve their relationship with food and their bodies.

Making You Feel Bad Is Good For Business

I really don't appreciate being told by magazines that my body is somehow not 'bikini ready' because I haven't subjected myself to laser treatments, juice diets and vibrating plates in the salon. That's just insulting! My body is bikini ready as soon as I buy a bikini, thank you very much.
30/05/2017 16:47 BST

The Pros And Cons Of Tracking Food And Fitness

Fitness trackers and food journals are big business these days. Back in 2012 when I had just lost 60lbs, I was the only person I knew who wore a fitness tracker (apart from a few of my online friends on MyFitnessPal).
07/03/2017 14:18 GMT

The False Promise Of New Year's Day And Mondays

Coping mechanisms come in all forms - whether it looks like a bottle of red after a tough day, avoidance of social situations or munching on biscuits all day at work. We either need to find alternative coping mechanisms for the circumstances we can't change, or address the source of stress and anxiety in the first place.
03/01/2017 10:44 GMT

Don't Fear the Gym, We're Not in High School Anymore

I've been hoping I'll bump into one of my previous P.E teachers in a gym class or in the weights area. I'd love to see their face and prove to them that although I completely suck at rounders, netball and running, pass me a bar and a pile of iron and I'll show you my inner Super Woman!
26/07/2016 10:14 BST

What Do You Really Want to Achieve By Dieting and Exercising?

This is a common occurrence with exercise and healthy eating regimes. Particularly so in the gym, as often people join because they feel it it's the 'right thing to do', along with wishing people they haven't spoken to for ages 'happy birthday' on Facebook and agreeing to work overtime on top of an already hectic schedule.
18/01/2016 13:10 GMT

Eight Points to Consider When Joining a Gym

If you're looking to join a gym then choosing the right gym is vital for your health and bank balance! If you pick the wrong one, you could risk a very messy and expensive escape from a lengthy contract.
05/01/2016 23:58 GMT