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Karin Sieger

Therapist, Writer, Houseboat Dweller

Karin Sieger is a UK-based psychotherapist, writer and boat dweller. She specialises in personal transitions, endings, making peace and the emotional impact of cancer. Her writing is jargon-free, personal and non-preaching, done from her orange houseboat in the Thames. Prior to training as a psychotherapist, Karin worked 25+ years in inter/national consumer / media research (incl BBCWS, AOL, UK, Africa, Asia). Her most life-changing moment to date has been Karin's breast cancer treatment in 2012/13. Things she value most: integrity, authenticity and human kindness. To find out more visit For cooperation, media requests etc drop me a line: KarinSieger (at) Sign up to her newsletter here:

Ten Steps To Cope With Fear

Noticing, accepting and facing our fear takes courage and energy. It involves stretching our comfort zone, which ultimately can make us more resilient and less frightened. Self care, looking after our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, especially during frightening times, is essential.
25/09/2017 17:31 BST

I Don't Apologise For My Cancer Anger. But I Had To Let It Go

When it happened to me, I suddenly exploded and my cancer anger poured out of me. The flood gates, the iron gates, reasoning and rationality, trust and self belief - none was strong enough to hold back the eruption of rage, anger, bitterness, hate, resentment and fear.
05/09/2017 11:47 BST

Are Your Regrets Ruining Your Life?

Regrets are human, we all have them. If not managed carefully, regrets can cause self-loathing, anxiety and depression. What to do, when we struggle with regrets?
18/08/2017 15:04 BST

Unleash The Fool In You And Be Inspired

Now I am a middle aged fool reconnecting with my dreams. I am still misunderstood and judged, but that's ok. I can cope with that. And I am hoping to live long enough to become an old fool with a heart full of passion.
10/07/2017 13:37 BST

Remembering David Bowie And The Humanity We Share

On the anniversary of David Bowie's death I am reminded, that you and I are part of a shared humanity. There is so much we can give to each other, from near or afar to help strengthen our humanity.
11/01/2017 16:35 GMT

Coping With Families And The Elephant In The Room

Often we bring presents to family gatherings, like the elephant in the room. This can lead to conflict or help avoid conflict. What strategies can help to cope well with family gatherings?
19/12/2016 13:32 GMT

Giving Your Family Permission To Celebrate When You Are Ill

The diagnosis, illness and treatment had been like a massive earthquake, destroying everything. How was I going to rebuild? Was there time to rebuild? My life has been shortened. While the diagnosis was not terminal, predictions vary. So much uncertainty.
13/12/2016 12:46 GMT