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Kate Nash


Kate Nash broke out in 2007 with her debut album Made of Bricks, which included the hit single "Foundations." She released her second album, My Best Friend Is You, in 2011, and her third, Girl Talk, in March 2013.

Girl Gang Assemble

"What could I do about this stuff? What is my area of expertise and how can I take action about things that I care about and can actually help with?" I don't want to do it alone. I'm powerless that way. I need a group of cool, passionate people who care and want to talk about serious shit but also use entertainment, creativity, storytelling and music to do it - blend entertainment with reality...
21/08/2014 18:38 BST

On Turning 27... And My New Video, 'She Rules'!

It feels like a very womanly age, I feel more secure in myself as I get older and I like this number a lot... I wrote letters to my sisters and the girlfriends back home that I couldn't spend the day with which in turn inspired a song. It's called <em>She Rules</em>.
14/07/2014 19:56 BST

Moving to LA, Coachella and Writing for <em>Only Gold</em> the Musical

I'm older and wiser and I know what I want now, so I'm sticking it out. I'm giving it a go. London, know that I love you and if Ukip become a genuine threat to us I would jump on a plane in a second to protest, but I just wanted to update you on what I'm up to right now, starting from scratch and living in Los Angeles.
29/05/2014 07:43 BST

To My Fans: Shepherd's Bush Empire + You

The gig showed me that this is more than just being about a record, or music, one album, one song, one thing. It's like a movement, and it's about community and friendship, loyalty and empowerment. It's not about exclusivity. It's not about celebrity, or fame. It's not about measuring success by the size of your wallet, or amount of Twitter followers you have...
16/10/2013 17:29 BST

Help the Fight Against Hate Crime

I've never been involved nor had a friend involved with a hate crime before. I didn't know what to expect or how that would feel. I've read stories in the news. I've read about 'The Sophie Lancaster Foundation' online. In fact, I first heard of it because of my friend Mika. On 13 July, Mika went out with one of his best friends - a girl who dresses alternatively and has a lot of tattoos. They were in a chicken shop in Soho when a couple of guys took a disliking to her alternative look. They threatened to stab her because of the way she was dressed, Mika stood in and was beaten so badly, he now has a fracture in his face.
19/07/2013 16:52 BST

It's Time for Some Girl Talk!

There are a lot of emotions spread across the tracks from friendships gone bad, love and loss - a lot for listeners to connect to. I consider the record my mission statement on what it means to be a girl, and all of my strong, controversial opinions are laced throughout.
04/03/2013 09:18 GMT