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Kate Webb

Head of Policy and Research, Shelter

The Need For Answers In Response To The Grenfell Tower

Where we know what could have saved lives, it is vital that the government moves quickly to require change. It is simply unacceptable to expect residents, often those unable to move anywhere else, to put their children to bed each night without knowing if it is safe to do so.
16/06/2017 09:11 BST

Ending Rough-Sleeping

No matter who walks through the doors of number 10 we stand ready and willing to work with them to turn around the housing crisis, and give everyone the chance of a safe, stable and affordable home for the future.
19/05/2017 16:25 BST

Bailiff Evictions Rise Again as Renters Continue to Struggle

The number of renting households forcibly removed from their home by bailiffs has increased again over the last year, as part of a 47% increase in families struggling to keep a roof over their head since housing benefit cuts began.
13/08/2015 14:49 BST

Sexually Abused? Proceed to Question 7b

A blanket ban on support for young adults would leave thousands at risk of homelessness - while any truly compassionate list of exemptions would be so broad as to make the policy redundant. Ministers should ditch this unworkable proposal now.
23/11/2012 15:26 GMT