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Kevin Blundell

Contributor to the The Beautiful Game magazine

This blog was started due to frustration at the topic choice in mainstream media, which negatively portrays our beautiful game by sensationalising stories.

I hope to shed a different light on the happenings inside football; nostalgically commenting on historic moments in football, past & present.

Sunderland: More Than a Club

When Sunderland parted company with Paolo Di Canio on Sunday, many cited the Italian's style of management for his dismissal - falling out with big characters in the dressing room as well as publicly denouncing his players... a filthy cloud lurks above Sunderland as a club and how they are run above management level.
26/09/2013 16:55 BST

The Man in Black: Changing the Paradigm

Football is a team game won by moments of individual genius - where players can turn from hero to villain in one moment of madness, change the future of a club with one kick of a ball and drift into the injured footballers void that surrounds the game. So why, when without the enforcer of these rules who make all competitiveness authentic, does the man in black become a figure of hate?
26/09/2013 12:39 BST

Colombia: Back in the Big Time?

As Colombia look set to qualify for the FIFA World Cup for the first time since France hosted the competition in 1998, the current crop of players bring back memories of their greatest team to date.
09/09/2013 15:03 BST

Isco Inferno

There aren't too many club legends to talk of in the history of Malaga CF, most notably because of their chaotic rise to the top of Spanish football. Since adopting their current name, however, their fans have seen a gradual improvement at La Rosaleda and this year was no exception.
26/06/2013 12:11 BST

Blackpool Elite Soccer Academy: Finding the Next Wayne Rooney

A new 'Golden Generation' is said to be building in the country even considering the high amount of foreign imports currently plying their trade in the British Premier League. Key members at the top clubs are coming through their academies and among them are several young Englishmen.
10/06/2013 23:08 BST

Howay Les Hommes!

It is only two games and further work must be done to salvage the season, but big strides have been taken and fears of relegation are residing. These signings are a show of intent by Alan Pardew and his scouting team, who have once again shown their qualities with some astute signings.
12/02/2013 10:33 GMT


There is no doubt that fans, however, would prefer to be paying a more reasonable amount to watch their team play. Some season tickets at Arsenal have tipped over the thousand pound mark, which can be used to assist the argument against the amount of money in football.
09/01/2013 10:42 GMT

Sir Alex Ferguson's 'Apology'

After calling Newcastle United a 'wee club in the north east' during the aftermath of a thrilling encounter between the Red Devils and Toon Army, Sir Alex Ferguson recently began to backtrack. Renowned for the mind-games he enters with rival managers, Ferguson responded to comments made by Alan Pardew regarding refereeing decisions in the game at Old Trafford on Boxing Day.
06/01/2013 10:23 GMT

Roman Abramovich's Lust

Abramovich, like many others, has been fooled by the word of the week: 'philosophy.'
03/01/2013 10:58 GMT

GNev2: The Rise of the Intelligent Pundit

His all-round knowledge of the game and impartial (almost) analysis is without doubt the best available to UK viewers. He mixes his down-to-earth persona with a wide array of facts and analysis to a joyous affect and - compared to his peers - makes the break in live action all the more bearable.
03/01/2013 10:45 GMT