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Kevin Toolis

2014 BAFTA award winning film producer, Playwright, The Confessions of Gordon Brown, and Chronicler of Ireland's Troubles in Rebel Hearts: Journeys within the IRA's Soul

Kevin Toolis is a reporter, screenwriter, and director. Toolis is the founder of manyriversfilms – He has written screenplays for Kathy Kennedy (Schindler’s List, Lincoln) at Amblin Entertainment and Martin Bregman (Serpico, Sea of Love) at Bregman Productions.

Toolis is the producer of the forthcoming Channel 4 MI5 torture feature film Complicit (

Kevin Toolis was born in Edinburgh of Irish parents and studied English and Philosophy at Edinburgh University. Toolis is a terrorism expert and the author of a classic account of the Irish Troubles – Rebel Hearts: Journeys Within the IRA’s Soul. Toolis has written for The guardian, The Observer, The New York Times and The Sunday Times and reported on stories and conflicts in the United States, Africa, Europe, Iran and the Middle East. He received an Emmy nomination for his role as director in the genre-defining series The Cult of the Suicide Bomber. He is also producer/director of Car Bomb.

A full list of his films can be viewed at

How the Ghost of Ireland Past Haunts the SNP's Promised Land

But who really knows what the future brings when you are ending a 300-year-old political union We do have one good historical model of what it is like to carve out a nationalist state from within the political union of the UK but it is not one the SNP are keen to cite...
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How Can a Dog Bark Like a Turkey? - When It Is a Labour Political Broadcast

To make a film this bad is an astounding achievement. And for the film to be approved through the Labour chain of command, by Miliband himself, reveals a seriously disturbing absence of judgement. Could no-one in Labour's upper echelons speak out loud that the Un-Credible Shrinking Man is just rubbish?
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What's The Deal With Movie Making And Torture?

I am all in favour of movies that try to help us understand the world we inhabit. And there is nothing more serious than democratic states abandoning the rule of law and torturing people. And that is why I have spent the last three years of my life also making a movie about torture.
16/01/2013 17:56 GMT