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My name is Kristin Knox and I write The Clothes Whisperer blog one of the UK's leading fashion blogs with an emphasis on engaging editorial copy rather than personal style. My dog Butters also runs a "dlog" (dog+blog), a satirical and tongue-in-cheek take on fashion and the blogopshere. I am also the author of the bestselling Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation and my second book, forthcoming from Bloomsbury and Getty Images, Culture to Catwalk, will be published in September.

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More Wang for Your Buck

Last week, the other ankle boot dropped. In the latest installment of fashion musical chairs, following the announcement of the departure of Nicolas Ghesquière from the helm of Balenciaga after 15 long years, Alex Wang was proclaimed official heir apparent.
05/12/2012 11:01 GMT

Donatella Versace "Versus" The Mid-Market

This week, Gianni Versace S.p.A. announced that it was cutting loose young British designer Christopher Kane from the helm of its second line, Versus. Signora Versace is not seeking to replace him, per se.
23/11/2012 16:47 GMT

We Need to Talk About YSL...

We need to talk about Yves Saint Laurent. Excuse me, Saint Laurent Paris. No, make that Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Or is it simply Saint Laurent? Bugger. Anyway, when I say we have to "talk," I don't mean about the clothes. Given that I did not even bother requesting a ticket, I do not run the risk of not being invited back. Or invited in the first place. So here goes.
07/10/2012 23:02 BST

Ten Over-Exposed Trends From Fashion Week

As you can probably tell (or most likely have seen or read for yourself, depending on how closely you involve yourself with the show milieu), the street style thing of late has transcended to a whole new dimension of CRAY.
14/05/2012 16:51 BST

I Copy & Paste Therefore I Am

I'm a full time blogger who routinely wakes up to discover a selection of her work - from images to text to ideas to coined phrases - ripped off unceremoniously across the internet, without even so much as a hint of citation. And I am certainly not the only one.
25/03/2012 20:34 BST

Sign of the Times: The Kooples V. Carrie Bradshaw

The harsh reality is that we live in a world where it's hard to find (and subsequently keep) a job, where benefits are shrinking, mortgages defaulting and rents and inflation are ever on the rise. We need to couple up, to lean on one another for moral support, not to mention split rent and utilities.
01/11/2011 22:49 GMT

Occupy Wall Street Style

Conservative columnist Brendan O'Neill and other critics like him have always looked to talismans of youthful protest, such as fashion, such as music, to underwrite and dismiss the whole enterprise, but this attitude, surely, is in need of revision.
11/10/2011 23:30 BST

The Death of the Trend

When French literary critic and theorist Roland Barthes declared the author dead in 1967, shock waves reverberated throughout the literary stratosphere. Today, I'd like to posit a similarly outlandish claim as it pertains to this dear fashion industry of ours: the trend.
02/08/2011 14:57 BST

Money Can't Buy Cool: The Fashion Week Swag Bag

The "swag bag," a small and subtle piece of printed cloth often given out as goody bags at fashion shows and events, can speak volumes about how far into the ranks of fashion's inner circle the wearer has penetrated.
18/07/2011 15:35 BST

Fashion vs. Racism: Not All Models Are Created Equal

The question of racism and fashion is one that comes around every couple of years, like palazzo pants. And since March, thanks to the toxic tirade of John Galliano, the industry has once again assumed the position in front of the firing squad.
04/07/2011 19:47 BST