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Lara Ruffle Coles

Singing, photography, eating, blogging

Lara is 30 and spends a lot of time singing and eating, she also likes to blog and photograph her way through life. She lives in Charlton with her husband, and plans to buy two cats for Christmas. Her favourite Indian is Gurkha's Inn, and her favourite swanky restaurant is Wild Honey.

Life Inertia

Trying to fill your days with productive and proactive work is difficult - even if you are learning to drive or have evening activities to go to etc. I'm very lucky that I don't have money worries, but for people who are job searching without financial support, it must be a complete nightmare, and so stressful.
01/06/2015 14:03 BST

Jehovah's Witnesses Give Presents Their Own Way

I savour a present, a thoughtful gift, I don't want something for the sake of tradition, and I want to give others presents I've pondered over, or that I've spotted in a shop and instantly know they will love. That's the message my religious and non-religious family gave me.
07/05/2015 14:58 BST

Orphaned At 29

I'm so glad for technology, for the ability to store memories and experiences and to show in near-human form a person that shaped my life so dramatically. I'm so grateful my Dad borrowed a video camera in 1986 to film us all, to film so many people - including my Mum - who are now gone.
27/04/2015 13:19 BST