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Lee Chalmers

Women' Equality Party candidate for Lothian Scottish Parliament

I am the lead Lothian list candidate for the Women's Equality Party for the Scottish Parliamentary elections 2016. Small business owner. Part time PhD student at Edinburgh Uni studying the relationship between trolling and womens willingness to engage in public life.

Hate Crime Is Only Funny When It's About Women

It's not been a great few weeks to be a woman. Against the backdrop of recent allegations of sexual misconduct in politics and a thoroughly sexist Oscars ceremony, Twitter was all a flutter over the past weekend as it discovered t-shirts being sold through Amazon with the slogan 'Keep Calm and Rape Her'.
03/03/2013 21:24 GMT

No Women Bishops, No Automatic Seats in the House of Lords

It is simply unjust and, dare I say it, shameful, for us to be stuck in a situation in 2012 where we are allocating legislative seats in our second chamber for men only. Imagine the national and international reaction if these were seats for white people only.
21/11/2012 14:14 GMT

Diversity in the Reformed House of Lords

On Saturday the 17th September, the Liberal Democrat conference passed a motion on the reform of the House of Lords. One of the amendments in particular is very relevant to increasing the numbers of women the UK Houses of Parliament.
19/09/2011 15:33 BST

Why we Should be a bit More like Louise Mensch

Lets select and elect more human beings please. Let's even encourage our friends and relatives to stand for public office. You know the saying, decisions are made by those that show up. And finally let's not sit quietly as the press dig around in peoples lives, bringing up stuff that frankly just doesn't matter.
29/07/2011 23:49 BST

The UK Doesn't Need a Minister for Women

Theresa May, as UK Home Secretary, has one of the most important jobs in government. Many grand men have held the post before her, however, by virtue of her being born female she also has another role, Minister for Women (and Equalities). The 'women' part of this supplementary role is nonsense and should be done away with as soon as possible. A cursory look will tell us why.
15/07/2011 16:57 BST