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Leigh Purves

Journalist and broadcaster

Leigh Purves is a journalist and broadcaster. She has spent the past 10 years working in radio, TV, tabloids and magazines and there aren’t many watering holes in London she doesn’t know about! If she’s not being girl about town or trying her best at yoga (!), she can be found writing her debut novel, hanging out with her friends in Leeds or spending time with her god son and god daughter in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

A Right Royal Knees Up!

The flags are flying, the bunting is out in force and most people I know have an element of excitement about them, parallel to a child at Christmas. But why do I ask? Is it because we've a four day weekend? What better excuse to party?
03/06/2012 15:27 BST

Why Should Katy Perry Sacrifice Her Career for Kids?

So this is 2012. And reports today in Britain suggest Katy Perry, shock horror, chose her career over having a baby with Russell Brand... what right does anyone have to insist that a woman should put their partners needs to spread sperm before her own needs? This is not 1952.
01/01/2012 22:30 GMT

A Single Girl's Guide to Surviving Your Ex's Wedding

So I've dated a few frogs in my time and very much thought several times I'd found 'the one.' And maybe, just maybe, if life's situations like University, external influence and peer pressure hadn't got in the way, I'd be living in wedded bliss, living in a four bedroom semi somewhere idyllic in the UK.
14/09/2011 23:52 BST