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Leon Spence

Writer, charity trustee, councillor

Community activist, sometimes columnist, centrist politics.

As with all of these things views expressed are entirely personal.

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Donald Trump Is Not A Racist

You see, Donald Trump is an old, rich, white man with, seemingly, little interest in the welfare of anyone other than Donald Trump. How could race possibly be anything other than a side show to him? No, the most important thing in the world to Donald Trump is his own personal brand.
21/08/2017 16:30 BST

Just Who Leaked Labour's Draft Manifesto? A Theory

Who benefits from the leak in the longer term? If, as many believe, Mr Corbyn and his inner circle have already given up on winning the coming general election there's a strong argument to be made for their hard left agenda becoming public prior to adoption by the party itself.
11/05/2017 14:51 BST

Not Fit To Protect Us?

Taking the first question at PMQs last Wednesday Alberto Costa, the Conservative MP for South Leicestershire, entirely understandably and I'm sure entirely intentionally posed the Prime Minister a question designed to set the General Election campaign off with a set of themes that the Conservatives will run with consistently until June 8th.
24/04/2017 17:29 BST

The Trump State Visit Petition Is A Ridiculous Thing

When you sign an e-petition, even one which could be deemed by many to be nothing more than petulant grandstanding, you have to be careful. There is always the chance that it can highlight to the world how small your voice actually is.
31/01/2017 12:11 GMT

The Durham Teaching Assistants Are Brave But Their Employers Are Right

It's not like me to stick my nose in affairs that are really none of my business so when it comes to the fight by Durham Teaching Assistants striking to stop a cash strapped County Council from cutting their pay I have stayed out of the fray. But I can't keep quiet any longer.
01/12/2016 11:11 GMT

Labour? It's Time To Move On - A Personal Statement

No one has to remain a member of Labour, should you disagree with the path the party is taking any member has the right to stop their support. Many decent Labour members did just that under Tony Blair, many others will take the same decision now. The time, for me at least, to stop supporting the party has come with the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn.
24/09/2016 16:52 BST

Jeremy Corbyn - A Man of Principle? Really?

When approached again and again by figures who have dedicated their lives to Labour, and whose combined wisdom and experience is immeasurable, to be told that the damage he is doing to the party is incalculable a man of principle, a leader, doesn't dig his heels in repeating the word 'mandate' as little more than a mantra. A man of principle, a leader, realises that sometimes he must sacrifice himself for the greater good.
28/06/2016 16:24 BST

What Did Corbyn's Progress Speech Say About The Local Election Results?

It was genuinely good to see Mr Corbyn speak last Saturday and, I'm guessing, like a good many of the audience I felt myself warming to the man. Listening to his speech which ranged from trade unions to apartheid to the poll tax I saw something which many of his biggest supporters already get: his genuine, fundamental decency. But that, for me, is where my problem lies.
17/05/2016 08:34 BST

A Fairy Tale of Brexit - The Village of Albionia and The Path of No Return

Seriously, when you are faced with a decision which is full of uncertainty and a point of no return, surely is plain old common sense to say "actually my village right now is pretty splendid, why would I want to step into the unknown for something which isn't guaranteed to be any better than I already have?"
11/05/2016 09:04 BST

Mr Corbyn, You Are No Claudio Ranieri

Labour have a pedigree of winning the biggest prize, in our case a General Election, in Leicester's the Premiership. If fact we've won 9 since 1945, for Leicester this is their first. Labour should have the winning expectations of a Celtic or Rangers, not a rank outsider.
04/05/2016 14:59 BST

Happy Birthday Momentum: It's Time to Grow Up

A couple of days ago an email dropped into my inbox which took me by surprise. It told me that this Friday Momentum, the group set up by ardent supporters of Jeremy Corbyn to dig in around their man, were celebrating their birthday and they wanted to share some of their achievements.
08/04/2016 11:05 BST

In the Face of Atrocities We Must Never Forget the Good Faith Does

Religion of course has its failings, the whole notion of many faiths is that they are built upon the imperfections of humanity. But it is all too easy to forget the good that millions upon millions of those with faith do each and every day around the globe.
28/03/2016 17:32 BST

Let the Liberal Bastions Look Down Their Noses - Get Behind Clean for the Queen

So with my rant finished I shall look forward to my weekend litter picking, because I want to make my village look a little nicer, and let those miserable columnists continue to look down their collective noses a little while longer too. I know who will be having the most fun, and doing something worthwhile in the process.
03/03/2016 09:35 GMT

In the Real World No One Cares About Digital Detox Withdrawal

For the past five days I've been stuck in the wilds of remotest Northumberland, it's been a revelation. For the most part I've been completely detached from my ordinary life, I've had no wifi, no cell coverage, no Twitter or Huff Post: I've been going crazy.
19/02/2016 17:22 GMT