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Lewys Ball

17-year-old beauty chameleon

Known online as Lookingforlewys, Lewys Ball is a 17-year-old beauty chameleon who injects loveable sass and wit into his make-up tutorials, making him one of the most entertaining beauty gurus to hit the internet. From makeup hauls to product reviews, beauty challenges and tutorials, with the occasional splash of fashion, Lewys (and his enviable brows) is one to watch.

Makeup Changed My Life

I saved up my money and went to the nearest Boots. But having never seen boys wearing makeup out, I felt so embarrassed just walking into the store. The shop was in my local area, so I knew I would bump into people I knew and that panicked me! I ended up picking products in random shades, quickly paid for them and left the store in a hurry.
21/04/2017 08:21 BST