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Liam Byrne

MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill

Liam is MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth and co-founder of RedShift Labour. A passionate advocate of community organising, he founded Local Action Network to spread the community approach pioneered in Hodge Hill which helped Liam double his majority in the 2010 general election.

Now Can We Have a Sane Debate on Immigration?

I never understood why David Cameron promised to cut net migration to tens of thousands. It was never deliverable - and his failure helped spark the fall in trust, that provoked many to vote to leave. So if there is one thing we can salvage from this sorry story, let's try to make it sanity in the immigration debate. It is surely time to end, the way this touchstone issue poisons our national politics.
11/07/2016 10:03 BST

Enterprise Is the Answer to the New Atlantic Alliance of the Angry

I don't think there is anything wrong with Britain's economy that the best of Britain's entrepreneurs can't fix. They make history - by inventing the future. We need to help them - or risk falling further and further behind. And on either side of the Atlantic, bad economics will only bring a politics that's even worse.
24/05/2016 11:38 BST

My Dad Was an Alcoholic - Why We Must Tackle the UK's Drinking Problem

I wouldn't be in parliament if it wasn't for the inspiration of my dad. At his best, he was inspiring, charismatic - and hugely idealistic. He inspired me into politics and public service. But for much of his life he battled an addiction to drink. It scarred us as a family, and tragically, just before the election, it cost my dad his life. And that's why I speaking up today. Today, alcohol harm costs our country £21billion a year. It's the third biggest public health risk after obesity and smoking. It costs the NHS alone £3.5billion.
24/11/2015 22:30 GMT

Why Yvette Is Going to Win

The race has been transformed in the last ten days. Members hold the balance of power. It's a two horse race - and overwhelmingly both Liz and Andy supporters have Yvette as their second preference. That's why I think Yvette is going to win.
06/09/2015 11:29 BST

Our Old Enemy - Sometimes Called the 'British Disease' - Is Back With a Vengeance

Since the election, output for every hour worked has not gone up - it's gone down, whilst output per worker has followed the same trajectory. We're actually less productive than we were in 2010. This appalling record is far worse than the last years of the 1970s, long deemed the moment when 'British disease' reached its peak.
24/06/2014 09:36 BST

The DWP Is Guilty of Incompetence on an Industrial Scale

The chaos at DWP knows no bounds. They've given us a Work Programme worse than doing nothing. Universal Credit is descending into universal chaos. And now the department has bodged its regulations so badly that a Court of Appeal judgement has struck down its general power to issue sanctions of any kind shape or form. Incredible.
19/03/2013 17:49 GMT

The Secrecy Over Universal Credit Must Come to an End

There are so many concerns surrounding Universal Credit Iain Duncan Smith probably won't have the time to address them all today But if he is to prevent public confidence slipping away completely there are five questions he must answer when he sits down in front of the Select Committee.
17/09/2012 15:55 BST

Child Poverty is Set to Soar and This Government Has Done Nothing to Stop it

Over a decade ago, another politician promised voters he would run as a compassionate Conservative. George W. Bush then proceeded with tax cuts that profited the better off, ran up unemployment and presided over a record increase in the number of states handing out food parcels. Now the mask has slipped from David Cameron and George Osborne. They will never look the same to us again.
07/12/2011 23:49 GMT