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Game of Thrones

The Conservative Party Conference this week, as with the other two party conferences, was notable for a supreme lack of passion or insight. It seems that, faced with a world order in flux and a rapidly unravelling economic model, our political leaders really just don't know what to do. I for one would prefer it if they just told us this.
12/10/2012 12:56 BST

Malek Jandali: Soundtracking the Syrian Spring

A year ago Jandali was an up and coming classical musician, whose talent had given him a ticket out of Syria and to the US. Today, Malek Jandali is the thorn in the side of Assad's regime - a composer whose song <em>Watani Ana</em> has become the clarion call of the protest movement in Syria.
15/01/2012 22:06 GMT