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Why We Should All Be Proud Of Pride: The Film

After the screening, held in a swanky cinema at London's Barbican centre, a world away from a Welsh pit mine, various friends of Mark Ashton stood up to thank Warchus for portraying the events in such a truthful way, some of them weeping, they were so proud.
15/09/2014 16:10 BST

The Libertines at Hyde Park Was a Much Needed Injection of Rock and Roll

There were crowd crushes, there were flares, there were naked guys climbing up towers and there were bloody noses. But aside from all the ominous scenes and injured gig goers that have dogged the headlines since Saturday, The Libertines at Hyde Park was a much needed injection of much-missed rock and roll.
10/07/2014 21:35 BST

Rik Mayall and Me, Aged 11

I'm 11 years old and I'm stood at my white MFI desk in my pink bedroom, in a bungalow, in Redditch - home to Rik Mayall, Kevin Turvey and me. I'm holding a purple and black spotted furry photo frame about the size of a passport and wondering what to put in it...
24/06/2014 14:25 BST