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Liz Edge

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Liz Edge is a professionally qualified Youth Work Practitioner. As a freelancer, Liz is able to offer a wide range of innovative youth work through education, training and intervention. She is also an educator and writer on adolescent mental health and the christian church. Find out more at

SUICIDE: How To Break The Deafening Silence

Suicide is a complex topic; full of misunderstandings and bereavement. Yet, we don't all need to be experts in this field to help break the silence. Of course, we need to be wise about how to talk about it; but that doesn't mean we should stay silent.
12/09/2017 13:43 BST

What's The Best Question Someone Asked In Sex-Ed?

As a youth worker, should I be celebrating the hilarity of these questions or should I be worried that these are genuine comments that have happened? Some comments may be embellished and others asked simply for the humour - but some are real.
25/08/2017 14:57 BST