LJ Ferris Non Binary trans* rights activist, they/them or he/his

I'm LJ. I'm a queer non binary academic. I'm studying cardiac physiology at university in the UK whilst working part time at Lush-the best place to work! I'm a cat parent, to a tiny kitten terror and an older grumpy rescue cat, I spend an awful lot of blogging time trying to fight the kitten off - he loves to type!

What else? I'm a practicing Christian, and yes I am welcome in my church as a queer person. I'm fighting for visible spaces for the often forgotten members of our LGBT+ community.I strive to live my life honestly and openly as a queer person and by doing this I hope to raise awareness of trans* and queer identities and begin much needed dialogues around this.

I am not gay, or straight. Not male, or female. I fall between the cracks. But it is in between the cracks that magic is formed.

I blog at www.queerenby.wordpress.com and have resources for people exploring gender. I invite questions, comments and feedback as I welcome dialogue around gender and sexuality.

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