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Lou Stoppard

Freelance journalist and dedicated follower of fashion

Lou Stoppard is a freelance journalist specialising in fashion and the arts. She was born in ‘unfashionable Bedfordshire’ (Tatler), but currently lives in London. Having completed a BA in History at Oxford University she is now living out her love for Pulp by studying at Central Saint Martins College for a MA in Fashion (not sculpture). She has previously contributed to and written for The Sunday Times, The Spectator, The Week, Used, and Stylist magazine. She has a diverse range of interests including politics, sexuality, feminism and, naturally, Twilight.

On the High Street: The Battle of the Knock-Offs

The British high street has long harboured questionable copyright morals. Today, perusing Zara is like walking around Liberty in some strange parallel universe where everything looks the same but is about a tenth of the price. J-brand-esque ankle-zip jeans for £30 anyone?
22/02/2012 22:31 GMT

On the High Street: The Iron Lady - A Lesson in Power Dressing

Call me old-fashioned, but none of the trends available to women in most shops seem to celebrate, support or enrich us like Thatcher's wardrobe did for her. Instead they sexualise us, diminish us or, in simple terms, make us look ridiculous.
13/01/2012 22:08 GMT

On the High Street: The Rise of Designer Collaborations.

It's been the year of hysteria-inducing designer/high street collaborations. Louise Gray's beautiful range for Brora was an indisputable highpoint. Similarly Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla was top of the Christmas list. But other unions warrant less praise.
29/12/2011 22:20 GMT

On the High Street - Mary Portas: Friend or Foe?

Mary Portas may have many talents, including a gravity-defying Lego-man bob, but I'm pretty sure that no matter how much effort she puts into revamping the New Look changing rooms, she's not going to be able to singlehandedly waft away the recession and solve poverty and unemployment - because that's what it's really going to take to help the high street.
15/12/2011 12:08 GMT