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Louise Glazebrook

Urban dog lover, trainer and behaviourist of The Darling Dog Company

I am one of the leading urban dog trainers and behaviourists living and working in London and founder of The Darling Dog Company. I live in Hackney with my husband, baby son and deaf bulldog. In the last few years, I have become the go to dog trainer and behaviourist for dogs owners in the capital – whether it’s working as a senior Trainer with the Dogs Trust, promoting responsible dog ownership in London's inner city estates to helping Lara Stone prepare her Border Terrier Bert for the arrival of her baby and finding Nick Grimshaw a suitable rescue Jack Russel pup.

My own love of dogs started when I was three years old and Rory the Golden Retriever came into my life. It was love at first sight and our four legged friends have been a formative part of my life ever since. It wasn’t long before my career as a play researcher for the retail toy industry lead back to my true passion and vocation – making dogs the centre of everything I do. I began training with the renowned dog trainer John Rogerson – a pioneer in positive reward training methods. I am a member of the KCAI scheme for trainers and behaviourists in the UK.

Today, my mission is to offer my clients an unrivalled service, promoting fun and constructive training methods to ensure the best possible dog-owner relationship – specialising in urban environments. I have spent my career in London and understand from living here with my own dogs and a host of foster dogs, that our city companions and their owners face an entirely different set of challenges to those elsewhere.

In addition to my private one on one training, classes and workshops, I also offer consultancy to companies who would like to understand dogs and their owners need better. I have worked with the likes of Lilys' Kitchen diner, Holly&Lil, East End Best Friend and You Me Bum Bum Train!

I work across London and would love to hear from you.

Do Unwanted Dogs Need to Burn to Death to Get Noticed?

Every three days, we put down 63 healthy dogs; 10 more than were lost in the fire. The fire was serious and an utterly deplorable act, and I hope it doesn't seem I am belittling it, but where's the social media and press attention about the 21 dogs that are put down every day?
15/09/2014 17:35 BST

Is the Dog Ban in Public Venues Helpful?

It seems to be one of the perils of running a business in a city, if we were in the country I'm pretty certain I could make use of a church hall, a rugby club or a horse riding centre. My issue is that if we want our dogs to be properly socialised in the right way, for owners and dogs to be taught, to receive advice and learn then I need to be able to provide a safe and productive space to do this.
17/06/2014 16:34 BST

Paparazzi and Putting Down a Pet: Why the Two Should Never Meet

Ashton Kutcher made the brave yet utterly miserable decision to put his beloved dog down, and when you go through with such a decision, a little bit of your heart goes with your dog. You share your life with a dog and you dedicate your days, life and love to this four legged friend.
19/11/2013 17:38 GMT

Dog of the Week

Thurston's case is a really good illustration of showing that all dog behaviour happens for a reason. The key is to not overreact and try to look at the situation objectively and just as we have, always make sure you ask your vet to do a thorough examination before implementing training or behavioural changes.
30/10/2013 23:13 GMT

What Makes a Dog Maul a Child?

When a dog attacks, it's very easy to play the blame game, but it's not always that simple. Any dog can attack when forced into a situation where they feel threatened or scared. But a lot of the times these attacks take place, they follow a pattern.
21/10/2013 17:13 BST

Dog of the Week

The Anatolians are designed to work very closely with a flock of sheep and its shepherd. They roam the vast, hot lands of Turkey to guard against man and wolf. When the shepherd sleeps the dog takes over.
16/10/2013 17:33 BST

Dog of the Week

I decided to pin Raynard up as my dog of the week as he is the stereotype of a staffy type dog in a kennel environment who ends up being behind bars for longer than he should. People overlook him and the problem is, that the longer he is out of a home, the more desperate he gets to meet people.
25/09/2013 10:04 BST

The New Breed of Coffee Cup Dog Walkers

In my opinion, the coffee cup owners aren't respecting others in the park. They just don't see what they are doing as wrong yet if a youth's dog ran up and jumped up at them trying to snatch a treat it would be totally abhorent. Yet when Phyllis the 5yr old Border Terrier does it, its either not noticed or just midly amusing.
23/09/2013 13:52 BST

Dog of the Week

He is a classic case of owners taking on a dog that was wrong for their lifestyles. They all seemed to think that they were going to be taking on a dog that was lazy. In fact they had a dog that loved to play, run, be exercised and be entertained.
16/09/2013 16:47 BST

Dog of the Week

This week I would like to introduce you to Teddy, a mixed breed that deserves a shout out. I first met Teddy when he was approx 12 weeks old, he was in the stray kennels of one of the London boroughs I sometimes work with. He had been dumped at the police station and transferred to the kennels.
04/09/2013 17:28 BST

Dog of the Week

One of the things that I always say is that puppyhood is a rollercoaster of emotions for owners, it has highs and lows. Starting classes early means that you have support through those really early stages where it is all new and you are trying to work out what the hell you do!
27/08/2013 17:22 BST

Obama Comes Out Against Breed Specific Legislation

Tonight the American Kennel Club tweeted a statement from The White House, in which President Obama stated "that breed specific legislation is a bad idea". It is not surprising that the AKC are enthused about his words.
23/08/2013 09:48 BST

Dog of the Week

This week's dog is Pops the chihuahua - she has had a tough time with her companion Daisy the spaniel dying. Many owners underestimate the impact of losing a dog has on any other dogs in the household.
19/08/2013 20:55 BST

Dog of the Week

Rocket came into my life around two years ago when his owners took him on from a charity that rescues Lurcher types. Rocket had been living in the country and when faced with London, its fair to say it freaked him out. On top of this he really struggled with other dogs, he was petrified of them.
12/08/2013 12:35 BST

The Problem with Dangerous Dogs in the UK

When you read of incidents involving dogs attacking humans, adults or children in the newspaper or hear of it on the radio, that attack did not 'just happen'. Things lead to that exact moment in time where that dog took life into its own control. If you look at any of the dogs who have killed or attacked an adult or child and you were able to look at its lifespan, you would find numerous incidents and triggers.
06/08/2013 09:48 BST

I'm Wondering What Lupo Thinks to Prince George

So far I haven't spotted Lupo the royal dog in any of the coverage of the birth of Prince George. I am working on the assumption that their beloved Cocker Spaniel is at home with Kate's parents, as he is from a litter of the Middleton's family dog Ella. It would be great to find out though as I would wholeheartedly welcome them being a shining example of how the birth of a baby and the ownership of a dog can be managed.
30/07/2013 17:36 BST