Lucianne Lewis Raising daughters in London armed with a sense of humour, wanderlust & a blog. Wishes babies came with a manual.

Lucianne Lewis lives in South East London and is a mum to two spirited, little girls. She believes that trying to see the funny side is the best way to parent, although admits it doesn’t always work at the time. She started writing to overcome the loneliness of being a stay at home mum and found other people enjoyed her writing so now describes herself as a writer. She hopes that her no nonsense blogs about the often hilarious, occasionally irritating but always wonderful (yeah right) world of parenting, will make other parents laugh at their own bonkers parenting situation. Before having children she worked in Marketing in London and New York and in-between pregnancies she retrained with Digital Mums and is now a social media strategist. She loves travelling, even with the kids, hates craft and outsources it whenever possible and is constantly trying new fads to get rid of her postpartum baby paunch.