Lucy Popescu Writer and critic

Lucy Popescu is a writer, editor and arts critic with a background in literature, theatre and human rights. She worked with the English Centre of PEN, the international association of writers, for over 20 years and was Director of its Writers in Prison Committee from 1991 to 2006. Lucy is currently a volunteer mentor for the creative writing programme of Freedom from Torture and edited its most recent anthology, Body Maps, published in June 2011. The Good Tourist, her book about human rights and ethical travel, was published by Arcadia Books in late 2008. She co-edited the PEN anthology Another Sky (Profile Books, 2007) featuring the work of writers that PEN has helped over the last 40 years. She was Granada’s youngest published author in 1982 with Pony Holiday Book. Lucy reviews books for various publications, including the Independent, Independent on Sunday and TLS. She also has a regular column in The Literary Review about persecuted writers. She is a Trustee of the JMK Award for Theatre Directors and co-director of the Sri Lanka Campaign. She is currently crowdfunding for A Country of Refuge, an anthology of writings about asylum seekers, including contributions from Monica Ali, Sebastian Barry, William Boyd and Marina Lewycka. Visit Unbound Books for more information.

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