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Luke Cope

Writer, Business and Marketing graduate

I'm a 23 year old Business and Marketing graduate from Sheffield Hallam University. Lifelong Manchester United fan from Warwickshire (Obviously) former Lawn Technician and wannabe scriptwriter. Currently clinging onto the University lifestyle by working at my University post graduation. If you don't like The Office we probably won't get on.

Breaking Bad is so Good

Breaking Bad season 5 is due to be aired in the US on 15 July. After being such a huge fan of the likes of The Wire and The Sopranos I never thought a series would completely engulf me as those two gems did. Breaking bad has more than filled that void for me.
12/07/2012 11:20 BST

Roy Hodgson's England - The Underdog Nation

Following the horror show of a performance in the 2010 world cup, the break down of the 'golden generation' and the imminent appointment of Roy Hodgson, it is apparent that we are huge underdogs for Euro 2012.
02/05/2012 22:10 BST

Louis Theroux Extreme Love - Dementia

I have always been an avid follower of Louis Theroux's documentaries. Not only because I love the man but because they have always been an interesting and engaging watch. His most recent work aired last week on the BBC 'Extreme love - Dementia' and it proved to be his most emotionally rewarding documentary so far.
01/05/2012 14:17 BST