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Lynley Gregory

Hi TopladyTalks here, writer/blogger/wheelchair user who writes about what I see from beneath the 'invisibilty cloak' of my wheelchair!

I became 'disabled'afters a spontaneous spinal fracture. The world from my wheelchair is a very different one to the one I imagined and I found writing very cathartic and a good way to get my frustrations out. I now write a weekly blog at and write about anything and everything - from disability/access issues to the hunt for the perfect shoes!

Attitudes Haven't Changed? What A Surprise

As a wheelchair user due to chronic pain, I find the self same discrimination within my own social circle. They sometimes make comments about the appearance of a disabled person in the news and make assumptions about them based on their appearance.
11/09/2017 16:24 BST

The 'Real' Cost Of Being Disabled

In many ways, the meaning of the word 'cost' to me is the 'cost' of losing my independence, my ability to walk, my hard-earned career and the 'cost' to my partner and family of my intense, chronic pain needing continuous care. But there is also a financial cost to being disabled that I never even thought about before, but that very quickly became apparent.
23/07/2017 19:07 BST