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Maia Newley

Left-leaning, vegetarian Buddhist with way too many opinions which I never learned to keep to myself!

I write a bit, direct a bit and wander about a lot. Very left-leaning vegetarian, Theravadin Buddhist, all round soft-touch with way too many opinions which I never learned to keep to myself!

I run an independent film production company which is based both in the UK and the US and makes biographical documentary films.

I'm a forensic psychologist by trade and have written in the past on subjects which include feminism, adults with learning difficulties, American school shootings, gender, crime and justice.

I'm 47 and an American Brit (Dual National, born in NYC, live in both countries).

When Does a Trial "Jump the Shark"?

I do not envy the task of the jurors on this occasion. I'm not sure if trials are allowed to 'jump the shark', but this one certainly seems to be heading in that direction at times.
01/02/2012 14:32 GMT

Sue Mengers - A Woman of Substance

Sue, who passed away on Saturday, 15th October at her home in Beverly Hills, had a tendency to provoke strong reactions in people: some loved her, others hated her - probably pretty much in equal measure.
18/10/2011 09:59 BST

George Harrison - Memories of A Divided Self

I've often recounted humorous incidents from the past involving George to friends who are always fascinated to have a momentary glimpse into the life of a man who, despite being remarkably 'normal' in so many ways, was also truly extraordinary in so many others.
05/10/2011 10:22 BST