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Maia Orme

Attempting to understand the world now that I'm legally an adult.

I'm 18 years old, and having just finished college I'm now entering the exciting and very scary world of adulthood. This blog will hopefully help document my experiences with that.

This Could Be Seen As A Rant

I think that Prom will be great and we'll all have a good time, but I hate the pressure on people to bring a date. I know that's probably more of an American thing, because let's face it, Prom is completley an American tradition, and I'm not really sure why British people do it?
23/11/2011 12:30 GMT

Apologising, France and Sh*t Loads of Homework

I've been away. Like, abroad away. I went off on a school trip to Nîmes in France with my friends, and let me tell you, it was a rave. Well not LITERALLY a rave (though that would've been AWESOME!) but it was really fun all the same.
27/10/2011 22:47 BST

Exams, Teachers and School Plays. Oh, the Joy!

What is the point of exams? I mean, HOW do they help you in later life? Can't you just, not do any until you're like...I don't know, in uni? That way, you can enjoy your teenage years while you still have them!
15/09/2011 23:27 BST