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Mandy Saligari

Executive Director, Founder and Clinical Director, Charter Day Care, Charter Residential and Charter Adolescents

Mandy Saligari is the Clinical Director and founder of Charter Day Care, Residential and Counselling treatment facility in Harley Street, London where she also practices as an addiction and relationship therapist. Mandy has worked in the field of addiction for 20 years, within private rehabs as a group therapist and in a busy private practice in Harley Street and in Kent. She has also lectured as part of the PSHE provision within Independent Schools on addiction, emotional coping mechanisms and self-esteem since the 90s. Mandy is married and has three children under 12. She has Rheumatoid Arthritis which threatened to take her mobility away completely after the birth of her third child 6 years ago. However, true to form, she is now in good recovery and professes to be 'one of the lucky ones'.

World Drug Day Blog: Treating the Addiction Not the Drug

The mistake we all make when treating addiction is to fire fight and call that treatment. Rehabs and addiction programmes tend to treat the manifestation of the addiction, not the condition itself and so of course people relapse.
27/06/2013 11:50 BST

Amazon Selling Legal Highs

Yes I think we should divert those busted for minor drug crime into treatment, but I absolutely do not see the point if all we are doing is increasing the users at the other end of the line. We need to contain from both ends - and places like Amazon should be slapped on the wrist.
15/05/2013 14:14 BST

Why Legalisation of Drugs Won't Work

Please do not be so naive as to believe that in decriminalising certain drugs you will be able to regulate them. All it will do is endorse the market place and generate growth in the drug industry, creating opportunity for low cost and black market goods, synthetic evolutions and copies.
17/12/2012 16:23 GMT

What Makes a Stalker?

Stalking is an anti-social and unacceptable behaviour for civilised society. However, it is also a core characteristic of some addictive processes, such as Sex and Love Addiction where an individual will abandon all sense of self to immerse themselves into the world, or fantasy world, of another.
29/11/2012 17:10 GMT

'Functional Alcoholics' - An Oxymoron Fuelling Denial

If you are alcoholic you cannot function as a whole person. That is one definition of the condition. There is a behaviour in place (alcohol) that compensates for an emotional need (eg stress, self esteem, intimacy) that has become a need in its own right (continued drinking).
18/10/2012 23:25 BST

Child + Computer Games = Aggression

The mission in these games is almost always a fight for your life. Whether that's in the fantasy playground of Wii or the simulated war scenes of Call of Duty, with violent graphics and emotive language that desensitise a person to killing and bloodbaths, the result is the same - raised levels of adrenalin, the fuel of aggression.
12/10/2012 11:20 BST

How Could They Kill Their Children?

Thus here is some advice: if you have seen your husband or wife regularly behave in an emotionally volatile way that is loaded with depression or self pity maybe a bitter desire to punish, perhaps drug or alcohol fuelled, beware.
08/10/2012 16:28 BST